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KML - April 27

Hi, My husband and I are thinking of trying to concieve within the next few months. He says he would like to start trying "tommorrow" but I have been having second thoughts. It is so scary thinking of giving birth and changing my life so much...I'm not sure if I'm ready, I feel too young even though I am 23 and I know there are lots of you out there who have had children much younger than this and are happy. As horrible as it sounds, it feels like it will be the end of my life, because it is such a responsibility - it is like "the worse pet ever!" But then again, here I am scouring the web for any information on the subject! I have tried to talk to my husband about this but I get very uncomfortable and change the subject. So I guess I don't have a particular question - but does anyone have any input on this?


Stephanie - April 27

Being afraid of having a baby and the changes in your life that take place afterwards and during pregnancy can be totally scary. Also, once you get pregnant, there's no turning back. Well, there is, but that's up to you to decide. If I were you, I would do some research via internet and by talking to family and friends to see what motherhood and expanding your family entails. It seems really scary your first time, but when you baby is born you just "know" what to do. If you and your hubby are financially and mentally stable to make such a life changing choice, then go for it. You also should talk to your hubby about whether or not you will have to work after the baby is born or if you will be able to stay home. Good luck to you in whatever you choose. BTW, my hubby and I are going to start trying in mid-June. :o) (we each have a child from a previous relationship so we are excited for one together)


nelly - April 27

becoming a parent is the hardest job on earth but it is also the most rewarding. you do have a lifetime responsibility and its scary but i love being a mom i cant imagine my life without my daughter we are always together she is 4. if she goes somewhere for a couple of hours it gives me a break and i enjoy it for about an hour and the i feel completley lost. i am pregnant now and i am 23 . there are many great gifts and feelings becoming a mother and the way your child loves you is amazing.



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