Confused And Concerned In MD

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KimberlyFleming - May 18

Hello! I have a couple questions... But let me start from the beginning.. On Friday of last week I went to Patient First (which is similar to a hospital, but smaller). I went for something non-related to pregnancy, I didn't even have any symptoms of pregnancy nor did I miss my period. They did some blood work and the pregnancy part came up positive, but they were unable to see my HCG levels because they are not an OB office. I then took a home pregnancy test to see what it said and it came up positive as well. I then went to the doctor's this morning and she did an internal ultrasound and she was unable to see anything, not even the SAC. She was very positive and sent me for blood work to have my HGC levels checked. Now, since this is my very first pregnancy, I am feeling slightly discouraged. I don't "feel" pregnant and since she was unable to see anything at all in my uterus I am feeling that maybe this was too good to be true and that it might be a false pregnancy. Any suggestions, advice, words of encouragement or support would be greatly appreciated!


Grandpa Viv - May 19

Pretty weird! The conventional wisdom is that false negatives are common, but a positive is something you can trust. When did your most recent period begin, was it lighter than usual, have you been trying to conceive? The doctor is just as puzzled, which is why she sent you for a quant_tative hCG. She may send you for more than one, to see if the hCG is doubling at the normal rate. Come back and tell us how it goes. GL!


KimberlyFleming - May 19

Well I spoke to the Doctor today and my levels are apparently where they are supposed to be and they say I'm officially 4 weeks pregnant. This is definitely exciting for me, but I'm still wondering why they were unable to see anything in the u/s yet. Any ideas when they will be able to see at least the SAC? And of course I worry about things like "blighted ovum" and miscarrying. I've never been pregnant before. But I still worry about everything you can think of. I also have been having lower back pain that shoots down my legs and keeps me up at night and sometimes lower abdomen cramping (nothing severe), but I'm told this is normal? There is no blood or spotting or anything abnormal there, just the back pain and that concerns me. I'm sure I'm just "nit picking" and every little ache and pain is going to worry me, but this is my first pregnancy afterall and is exciting but scary too. Thanks for listening and repsonding :-)


Grandpa Viv - May 19

Congratulations! You are only now missing your first period. You got confirmation earlier than most. Doctors pa__s sometimes pa__s comments without thinking of the effect they may have on an uninformed patient - one woman was all bent out of shape because the doctor said there was no heartbeat yet - at 6 weeks. Ask the nurse or Google the info about the sac - your situation is prob quite normal. As to the back pain, this is indeed normal and is thought to be caused by hormones loosening up the ligaments in anticipation of delivery (weird that it should be so early?). Enjoy the ride - you are only just beginning!



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