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kerry - September 20

This is my first month off birth control as my husband and I are trying to conceive. We had s_x over what i thought was my most fertile time. Now I am 5 days late and have done a pregnancy test (store Bought) and it was negative. Should I be concerned and do another one next week or is this normal? I was on the pill for 7 years but before that was usually regular. maybe off a day. Thanks for the help


April - September 20

Well normally it takes a bit for your body to get used to the lack of hormones in your body. I have heard of women not getting there periods for months and not being pregnant, jsut fresh off the pill. If you are trying to conceive i would recommend a blood test from a doctor as it may be too early to tell with a urine test. I only got a positive test when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Good luck!


ana - October 2

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... world-wide newness... I give you my mail [email protected]


krista - October 2

Just wait it out or get a blood test from your's always a good thing to act pregnant anyway..even taking prenatal vitamins 3 months before u concieve is a good thing


Sharon - October 3

Your doctor did not tell you to wait three months before trying to conceive? Most doctors will tell you that you should wait three months after stopping birth control (pill) before trying to become pregnant. This allows for the body to return to a regular cycle. Plus it allows the woman to know what & when her cycle is going to be (it does not always stay the same after stopping birth control). There is a very good chance that you are not pregnant & your period has not come b/c your body is trying to adjust to not being on birth control. Plus in those three months of waiting, you should be taking a pre-natal vitamin to make sure you are not only healthy to carry but that you have enough folic acid in your system. I would really consult with a doctor. Why waste your money?


kerry - October 3

I got my period 5 days later. My doctor told me that I could wait 3 months but it is not neccesary. I have been taking folic acidfor 5 months now. Thanks for the info


Shar - October 3

I would get a new doctor. My OB/GYN told me that it was important that we not try to get pregnant until I had been off my birth control for at least three months. There are many good reasons for that so I agree with the prior poster. I can't believe your doctor told you it wasn't necessary. I have several girlfriends, that do not see my OB/GYN, but were told by their own OB/GYN that they should also wait three months after stopping the pill to try to get pregnant. I think your period was late because your body has not adjusted to being off of the pill. The prior poster was right on the money!


Question! - October 3

I am not sure if I am pregnant of not, I am now a week late. I'm on the pill, but forgot to take one during the first week of my cycle. I have never missed my period, and it has never even been late. I've taken several hpt, and they all say Negative... I just dont feel right. I'm very tired, and I feel like I have the cramps. There has been some discharge.. and I have head aches all the time. Should I make a Drs appt.?? Please Help!


Carly - October 3

I was wondering, why do you have to wait three month after going off the pill to start trying? I understand that it can take that long to regulate your period, but what are the risks?


Jane - October 4

Try six weeks after last mentrual period. Can waste a lot of money before then.


kerry - October 4

I have a friend that went off the pill and got pregnant that month and the baby is happy and healthy. So waiting just helps your body regulate itself again but there are no side effects to the baby.



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