Confused And Upset Advice Please

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bgirl1156 - March 9

im 19 yrs old and since mid january i have been constantly feeling nauseous, weak, and dizzy. i would be at school and actually have to leave early because the feeling was so overwhelming. i knew something was up so i took a home pregnancy test on sunday march 4th, and it came out positive. the only thing worrying me is that during the last week of january when i was eating out in a restaurant one night, OUT OF NOWHERE, and i seriously mean this hit me out of nowhere, i became nauseous, weak, dizzy, felt hot flashes, and had to run into the bathroom because i had to go so badly. a few minutes later my whole body started shaking and i couldnt control it. we had to call 911 and once i got to the hospital i felt better, the doctor said it was probably an anxiety attack?? well who knows but it happened again 2 days ago? now im wondering if it could be related to being pregnant.. and if it is.. i hope to god its not a bad thing.. i made an appt with my doctor and im gonna get some blood work done.. but also.. my boyfriend is not making the situation much better. we always fought about stupid stuff because he seems to stress the small things in life.. i told him that i dont need any stress right now because i havent been feeling so great and he just doesnt seem to listen.. he'll still continue to fight with me and cause me to get upset.. well i know its pretty obvious as to what i should do about him.. but its hard since im in this situation.. i need advice =(


bridgettebaby2 - March 9

bgirl, do you have high blood presher? i dont think you had a anxiety attack unless it was a mild one. and if thats what it is, you better take it easy cause stress isnt good for the baby. let us know


kpeck - March 9

Does your boyfriend know that you are pregnant? You need to talk seriously with your doctor about this... it could be pregnancy related, it could be any number of things. Be sure to ask questions until they are all answered... you have to know what is going on because now it isn't just you, but a baby as well. Take good care of yourself, in the meantime. Rest a lot, drink a lot of fluids, take prenatal vitamins. Hopefully this will help with the "attacks", whatever they are. Please let us know how things are turning out.


missycc4 - March 9

Im 42 weeks tomorrow.If you have never felt these things be4 then they could be pregnancy related. I get dizzy, weak, hot flashes, sometimes nauseous, heartburn, I have low to somewhat normal blood pressure but I know when it drops. Then I have to eat something. I also have low iron. I try to eat healthy as I can and make sure that I drink alot. which I do both. Me and my husband fight but you have to learn to pick your battles. If you don't fight back then he has no one to fight with. Don't upset yourself because he feels that the fight is wroth it. Just walk away or better yet tell him that when he is ready to talk then talk until then. I've done that with my husband and he is the one that walks away now. Its not wroth the health of my baby and to my older kids to here him fight about the stupid things. I hope everything is ok and that your boyfriend will come to and you two will work things out.


sahmof3 - March 10

I'd ask your OBGYN! Anxiety attack... maybe... but if you weren't feeling particularly worried or anxious and it came out of nowhere you should probably ask an OB about it. They can tell you what types of things like that "episode" you had can be caused by pregnancy. Good luck. I hope you and your bf can work things out and that he mellows out!!



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