Confused Anyone Have Any Answers

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Cris - October 20

Hi everyone, I have been reading up on all of your threads--and realize I am not the only one! I've been trying since July'04 to get pregnant--had a m/c this past May (I was 9 and a half weeks), now it has been 5 months and still nothing. Anyone had a m/c? how long did it take you to get pregnant again? As of right now I am 8-10 dpo, I don't keep track of temps anymore--too stressful, but maybe this month--always have faith right? Good luck to everyone who is hoping this month and congrats to the ones who have got pregnant! Any suggestions to me?


MJM - October 20

My husband and I had our daughter Feb of 2001. I got pg when she was 7 months old. That was a surprise. But we were happy none the less. I had a m/c when I was about 14 wks or so. The baby pa__sed away around 11 wks. We tried off and on since 2003. I am now 28 wks along. We got pg in april. For a while we were really really trying and i think that is the reason that I never got pg. My sister in law was so dead set on getting pg that she had a calendar, went to the Dr's did temps and all of that stuff and she never got pg. But when she just stopped trying so hard she became pg. So just relax and it will happen!!!!


RL - October 20

I had a mc at the beginning of this year I was about 7wks and I waited about 4 months to really try again I just wanted to give my body/mind/spirit time to heal and then I got prego again i am now 24wks with a healthy pregnancy and am having a boy....I really never did anything special to get pregnant again except I took prenatal vits a couple of months before I tried to concieve advice would be to just not stress over it take your time to heal mentally and phyically and then just relax when the time it right it will happen that is really how it was for me I had made up my mind if it was meant to be then it would if not well then I would handle that as well good luck to you and sending happiness and baby dust your way!!!!!!


? - October 20

I had a mc last year in July.I was about 7 weeks long and got found out I was pregnat agane in may im 28 weeks along..I first tired also after I lost my first but then I stoped, give it time and soon God will bless you with onther one.



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