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Sara - October 10

I Had my period last on Sept. 6 and it ended on the 10th. I feel like I have symptoms like urinating often and fatigue. I also have a strange feeling in my stomach almost like whenever I have to take a deep breath I can't. It feels like my stomach is stopping me from breathing deep. I did take a hpt and it was negative. Could I be pregnant and be feeling symptoms so soon?


Viv - October 11

Your last period was 34 days ago? Early pregnancy symptoms start a week before your expected period. You do have a few. The breathing problem may be the hormones affecting your diaphragm below your lungs that helps you breathe. It can take a while for hCG levels to build up. Perhaps you should take another hpt a week after the one that showed negative. Good luck!


Sara - October 11 last period was the 6th of Sept. I'm also urinating way more than usual. I got up 3 times in the middle of the night and normally I don't get up at all. I am 28 and have never been I do not know what to expect.


m - October 11

If you have a 28 day cycle, you would be considered 5 weeks today. That is definitely not too soon to have signs and symptoms. Like Viv said, even a week before expected period isn't too soon. As a matter of fact, that is when I started that "up all night" syndrome. Also, some stretching ligaments which feels like light cramps. And increased discharge. Good luck!


Sara - October 11

I do not have much of a discharge though, I do have cramping a little higher than the normal period cramps and I also have like I said in my int_tial post about my stomach feeling strange and unable to take deep breaths. The hpt I took could of been too early?


m - October 11

not all experience the same symptoms. Do not be alarmed that you don't have much discharge. The other things you talk about also sound like symptoms. And yes, it is possible the test was too early. Contrary to what you may read, the chart that shows where your hcg levels should be at a given time isn't always accurate. My friend had a bright positive result 2 days before her missed period. However, I was unable to get a positive reading until nearly 2 weeks AFTER my missed period. And even then, it was a very faint line. Just continue to test and keep your chin up. Good luck! PS - if it gets too uncomfortable or painful, talk to your doc.


Sara - October 11

Thanks for your advice...Whenever you said your were "up all night" what exactly did that mean?


m - October 11

I was making frequent trips to the bathroom. Used to, I hardly ever got up. Now it's every couple of hours.


Sara - October 11

Yeah...I was like that last night..3 times and I very rarely get up in the middle of the night. Is this a good sign for pregnancy?


monique - October 11

yes, i felt my symptoms two weeks after i had s_x. what is so frustrating is that you may have to wait until 6 weeks to get a definite answer. Good luck!


Sara - October 11

So in the middle of the night peeing is a sign for pregnancy?? I have rarely pee'd in the middle of the night before..


m - October 12

that is one sign. however, it could also be other things (bladder problems, etc.). sounds to me like you could very well be pregnant though. practically at the moment of conception, your body starts preparing. your uterus starts expanding even if it doesn't show on the outside. this puts pressure on your bladder and the frequent bathroom trips start early. good luck!


moana - October 25

Ive been having cramping and tender b___sts but i am like 2 days late on my period, my boyfriend and i didnt use a condom but he pulled out that happened a week before i was actually suppose to get my period do u think i could be pregnant? I mean are these signs suppose to be happening in like 2 weeks if i was suppose to be pregnant?


Victoria - October 27

I am one week away from my period and have been crampy, bloated and ga__sy. I have also noticed a lot of discharge lately - almost like when I ovulate, but I know I'm past that point. Could these be early signs? My abdomen feels very swollen too.


christine - November 7

me and my bloke have been trying for a baby my periods have been regular and on time but this time im a week early could i be pregnant



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