Confused Feel Like I Am Going Insane

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staterookie2 - July 30

So  here is the jist everyone  I am not sure what's going on. I was suppose to have my period on the 9th of this month. on the 8th I started spotting thinking af was coming but since then it was just spotting for a few days.  I took some pregnancy test they came back negative went and even got blood work done and that was negative. Ever since I have been spotting or when I did spot  I been going to the bathroom having to pee 24/7 i have been getting irritable really fast. My breast are sore and are leaking a clear sticky liquid stuff I am now 21 days late took another pg test and it came back negative.  I am tired a lot feel like i am gonna vomit in the wee early mornings or in the lateish afternoons. My stomach feels hard everything i eat i get a constant heart burn. I am at wits end the doctors dont know what is going on i feel lost and like i am gonna go crazy.


Grandpa Viv - July 30

If you aren’t pregnant the next two most likely reasons for your symptoms are ovarian cyst and glandular upsets. Are the docs considering this?


staterookie2 - July 30

Nope not at all


monikadavid - August 21

Hey,  I hope you are doing well. This is the most confusing part of one's life. It can get really difficult. Sometimes they are just false alarms while other times people say it is a psychological thing. However, the symptoms you're telling according to these it seems like you might be pregnant. I would suggest that you visit a good doctor. Someone who is experienced and knows what might be the case. Research properly as well. Ask around if people have these symptoms. I remember when I had these false alarms I would do these tests all the time. However, all of them came out to be negative. It used to disappoint me a lot. For me getting the BFNs really used to tear me apart. I have, however, now started a process. I hope it works for us. 


Milay - August 21

Hey dear, hope you are feelinge better now. My Goodness! this is very weird situation. Your condition doesnt sound good. Its weird that doctors are unsure as to what has happened. Your symptoms sounds like you are having some hormone imbalance or cyst. I have had a bit similar issues and that was when I had an ectopic pregnancy. But my pee pregnancy test came positive and so did my blood test. Later in ultrasound they found out to be an ectopic one. But it laid foundation for my infertility. And since then I have faced another ectopic pregnancy and 2 failed IUIs. I am now considering surrogacy from a Ukrainian clinic. We are about to visit them to start our process. Anyways your situation doesnt sound good. Please do visit some other doctor too to have a second opinion. I hope you ll be alright soon.


Ms.Green - August 21

Oh dear, I really hope you are fine now. Your medical condition doesnt sound normal. I faced some of these symptoms when I had PCOS. Do visit another doctor if your doctor fails to identify the cause. It ll even better if you visit some fertility specialist. I am also consulting a fertility clinic in Ukraine. Finally after 6 years of terrible expriences I have found a worthy clinic.



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