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MeaganG - April 11

My last normal period was in late February, in the middle of March it lasted 2 days and came a week early. I have had all the signs of pregnancy since then. I went to the doctor and she took me off Lexapro and my nausea subsided but im still always tired and always peeing. The other day I craved a butterfinger with carrots! She took blood work twice and it said I wasnt pregnant both times but i still feel like I could be. My emotions have been all screwed up and when something good happens you can find me bawling. I also feel just totally different and not myself. Its been this way since the 2 day period which wasnt like any period I've ever had before. Heavy to the point where i needed to change every hour and the second day very light and liquidy and light colored. Do you think that Im still pregnant even though the blood tests say no?


MeaganG - April 11

I forgot to say that I've been on the pill for 3 years but I skipped like 4-5 days a week before my 2 day period. Also, lately when my boyfriend and I have been having s_x its been hurting more and my b___bs have hurt more too.


mandie - April 11

Probably just your body's way of reacting to you skipping a few pills. If two sets of bloodwork came back negative, I'd say it's safe to a__sume you're probably not pregnant. When you think about being pregnant a lot, whether you hope you are or hope you aren't you can end up bringing symptoms on yourself. Try to relax. Time will tell, one way or the other. Good luck.


MeaganG - April 13

I went to the doctors today and they did a pelvic ultrasound i find out the beginning of next week what they found. When I sat up I saw 4 black circles on the screen. It was the regular blue color of the screen and then the black voids... anyone know what that could be?


MeaganG - April 15

I went to the bathroom this morning and noticed white disharge in my underwear. Ive had a yeast infection before and I dont think its that im not itchy or anything and it doesnt smell strong but there is a faint smell of what i could describe as a glue smell. Would this be a sign of pregnancy? It was a little bit and it wasnt too liquidy.


MeaganG - April 16

Im still seeing this discharge and its more liquidy than chalky, there isnt a scent to it either now. I want to know what this is has anyone had this? I went to the docs the other day and she examined me and told me that it didnt look like my period should be coming anytime soon. just FYI


kelley32 - April 16

Did the doctor do an internal exam? My doctor was able to confirm my pregnancy 16 days after I ovulated by doing in internal exam, and I do have discharge but it is yellowish.


MeaganG - April 16

Yes, my doc did an internal exam and told me my period didnt look like it was on its way. Thats all though. When I was gettin the v____al u/s the tech didnt say anything to me either except my uterus and ovaries look normal. I feel like im in the dark.



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