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Kari - May 22

hi, I just took a test. I have not missed a period but for the last 2 months my periods have been irregular, significantly lighter and an awful lot shorter. I have also put on a fair bit of weight especially around my middle and my br___ts have felt heavy and sometimes painful which is unusual for me. Anyway, I tested in April but it was a negative result so I waited and as I'm still unsure I tested again tonight. It should be a vertical blue line in the control window and vertical blue in result window (no line in result window if negative, obviously) but I peed on the stick and pretty much instantly the result came up and hasn't really changed since. I got a vertical blue in control window though it's shorter than it should be (doesn't fill window as normal) and in result window it is a slightly fuzzy blue almost diagonal line sloping down from left to right. Any ideas? I am confused. Never had one so strange before, I've been hoping for a positive for about a year now but this has got me stumped completely. Help please! :-) I asked this on another board but no response after over an hour so posting here to see if any quicker, sorry to be a pain, I just need an answer.


Kaz - May 22

Maybe you got a dud test, seems weird that the line would be diagonal, like as if it hasn't been a__sembled properly. I'd get another and try the first morning's pee. Apparently you don't need to wait for the morning one anymore but...just to be certain.


Kari - May 23

Thanks for replying Kaz. I am actually just heading to the store to buy a new one and retest. I checked the test this morning- I hadn't thrown it out yet- and the result window is almost completely clear with the control window a bit fuzzier. But the result should only last 10 mins according to the instructions. I will retest and let you know, have a feeling it's a negative though. I'll let you know within the hour. :-)


kari - May 23

Hey Kaz, I was right, BFN. Ah well, maybe next time. Thanks again for replying, I appreciate that as it was nice to have someone there. Thank you again, Kari xx


Shorty! - June 6

I have had the same experience but I don't know whether to believe the first one or the second one- hmmmm. I want to know too but I just don't :( good luck yo all! x



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