Confusing Symptoms And No Positive Test Results

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sugar_sweet_too - June 4

Ok, I've had on going symptoms for the last 6 weeks. I had what appeared to be implantation bleeding. Then I had what appeared to be a period but it wasn't a normal period. It wasn't even close to how bad a real period is for me. It lasted about 5 days. The implantation bleeding lasted for 3 days. I got a cold sore, and what felt like a urinary tract infection at the same time on the day the implantation bleeding started. The implantation bleeding started May 1 ended May 3. Light bleeding started May 4 and stopped May 10. My pants didn't fit. I ended up in the ER because my entire abdomen was numb. They did a blood test but it only took them what appeared to be about 2 hours. I was under the impression it took a couple days to get a real blood test back. I continue to have br___t tenderness, cramping, weird tastes in my mouth, thirst, being tired all the time, mild morning sickness from time to time and a few other things. I started another sort of period this past Monday it lasted two days and it was even lighter than before. I have tried several hpt but nothing positive. I've actually gained 2 inches around my midsection, my lower abdomen is more firm that ever, and no I haven't gained any weight. They suggested early menopause and fibroid tumors both of which can bring on some of these symptoms but the real kicker is that they make your period heavier and more painful which is exactly the opposite of what I've gotten. I bleed like I'm dying normally. I am 100% period symptom free, no crankiness, no backaches, no br___t tenderness, etc etc... and all the sudden I have these all month long for 6 weeks straight. I'm not trying to get pregnant but I'm not trying to avoid it overly either. It's just one of those things that if it happens I'm happy about it. And yes we have unprotected s_x. So at this point I've read that you can be pregnant and get negative blood tests and other tests.... but this is extremely frustrating. The ER doc didn't even examine me... he just gave me two days off work and patted me on the head basically. I've got an appointment Monday with my primary care doctor. I just told them I'm having female problems. I will come back and post what the results are.


mama4andmore - June 4

Sounds good that you are going to be seeing another doc. I am not a doctor but if you have been really stressed lately it can effect your cycle also many things can. But make sure to get completely checked out especially if your pants arent fitting you that quickly. Take care and let us know what happens



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