Constant Worrier

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Julie - November 17

Got a question.Since i became pregnant, I've become a worrywart!!!! I worry that the baby won't be healthy or that I won't be ready when she does get here. Is this normal to feel this way.I constantly obsess over my unborn's well-being---to the point where I can't think of anything else.


Jamie - November 17

Is it your first baby? I felt that way about my daughter...even as I was in labor, I was terrified...heck, after I had the baby, and the nurses left her alone in the room with me, I had no clue what was going on! But, I figured it out. (I think)


Ditto - November 17

I felt the exact same way! I couldn't even think about anything else in life. I couldn't talk to anyone about it because they would just tell me not to say things like what I was worrying. Finally, one night, I just broke down and spilled out all of my worrys to my husband, crying for two hours. It helped. I don't worry as much now.


Julie - November 17

This is my 2nd baby. I don't remember worrying this much last time. I try to talk to my hubby but he really doesnt seem to understand.


Ditto - November 17

My husband didn't understand either. In fact, all of my talk that night got him worrying. But it did help, and I haven't had to talk about it anymore.


Ditto - November 17

In other words. Even if he doesn't understand what you're talking about, he is there to serve, protect, and comfort you. Make this known to him, and make him listen. If you have to, explain every detail of your worry, and every detail of what he can say or how he can help you, then pray about it with him. It will help.


K - November 17

to ditto...i think it's awful that you are of the opinion that a husband is there to 'serve' you. husbands and wives are equal...and one or the other is not there to be a slave. What would a woman say if she read a man's opinion of wives being slaves! wow!


Ditto to K - November 17

Just because I said a man is there to serve a woman does not mean that I said a woman shouldn't serve her husband. In fact I believe that both should serve each other. Along with comforting, guiding, teaching, etc. And by serving, also means to guide, and be strong when the other needs it. Not to just push them away. Did I ever say that a woman should not serve her husband when in need? Nope, don't think so!


Amy - November 17

relax ditto!


19wks - November 18

i feel the sam way,and i know alot of pregnant woman do.just dont watch or read stories of thinhg happening to pregnant women or thier babies bc that seem to make the worrying worse.



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