Constantly Worried That Something Is Wrong With The Baby

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CMS - March 12

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and feel worried that something is wrong. This is my first pregnancy and I have had two ultrasounds and everything was fine, but I can't stop thinking that something is wrong or something is going to go wrong. I feel so nervous before I go to the doctor because I worry that they will tell me something is wrong. I feel so neurotic. I don't always feel worried, it comes and goes. I am so happy to be pregnant and I just want to have a healthy baby. Does anyone else ever feel so worried?


Chrissy - March 12

Hi CMS- I totally was the same way around the same time as you are. I am at 28 weeks now, and feeling much better. It helps when you feel the baby moving more and more, and getting stronger and stronger. I'm sorry you're so stressed, but I can totally relate! Keep in mind that there are millions of babies born every day with nothing wrong with them, so the odds are definitely in our favor. Just keep being healthy and nature will take care of the rest. I guarantee in a few weeks you will feel less stressed, like I did. You're just showing signs you're going to be a great mom and love your baby so much already! Good luck!


Drew - March 13

Welcome to mommy-hood!! This worrying never ends, even once they come out!! All joking aside, Chrissy is totally right. I know it's so hard to do, but you just got to take a deep breath, and know that now that your in the second trimester, the chances of something happening to your baby have greatly gone down. Enjoy your pregnancy, and have a happy and healthy 23 weeks!! :)


Been There - March 13

In another week or two, you should feel him or her move. That should alleviate alot of your fear. Then you'll know pretty much daily that he/she is still in the doing just fine.


Bobbi - March 13

CMS, I know exactly how you feel! Even though I had an ultrasound done at 18 weeks, when I didnt feel the baby move at 20 weeks, i was so paranoid. I was rea__sured that everything was ok when i went to the doctors the other day, which was also the first day that KNEW the feeling in my stomach was the baby moving! So try to stay positive, and as soon as you start feeling the baby move lots, you will feel so much better!!:)


MeM - March 14

CMS I'm 36 weeks and I still feel that way. It's hard to do, but try not worry. that's not good for baby either. I know easier said then done, like I said I constantly worry as well. That's what makes us great mommies to be!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!! :)



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