Constipation Need Suggestions

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kelley32 - June 14

Ok, everyone ... I'm dying over here, LOL!!! I am only 13 weeks and the constipation has already settled in. I go once every 2-3 days, but even after going, it still feels like there is some hanging out in my intestines. Last night I was woken up by cramping ... its almost like gas that won't come out. I have tried the usual things ... drinking water, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and foods with fiber, but it doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have any suggestions and can anyone relate?


KLT - June 14

It'll pa__s! Somewhat.. Why don't you try buying a bag of prunes. That helped me.. I ate a couple each day and that helped..and continue what you've been doing - lots of water, fruit, vegetables, fiber. I've past the constipation part, but now I get to have fun with gas! Yay!! I honestly don't think i've had this much gas in my life...its embarra__sing!! But definitely being aware of what i'm eating and what causes it and doesn't is a must. You should have seen how happy I was when I finally could go poo..I think I just about told the world!! hahaa.. Good luck!


Olivene - June 14

Hang in there. You are probably at the worst of it and it will get better soon. I found, too, that prunes helped, but don't overdue it (fewer than 5 at a time) and follow with lots of water. Raisin bran is great for this as far as I'm concerned. I've heard people recommend drinking a lot of milk, too. I also thougt walking and light exercise helped me some. I'm in the 3rd trimester and having no such problems now. It will get better!


Olivene - June 14

** over do it not "overdue it"


drea - June 14

prunes worked for me also. I had really bad constipation and prunes did the trick. my doc said it was ok to take metamucil also, but you MUST drink a lot of water if you take the metamucil, b/c it can make you more constipated. I would stick with prunes and lots of water though, it does get better. BTW they have good flavored prunes like orange, lemon and cherry, so it makes it a little easier. Good Luck.


nms - June 15

For me, papaya works the best.


Deb - June 15

I used ground flax seeds. I would sprinkle a spoonful on my oatmeal at breakfast and then mix it in. You couldn't even tell it was in there. It really did the trick!


San_dee - June 15

i dont know if this has ever worked for anybody else but coffee seems to have a laxative effect on me. i dont drink it very often.. only when i need to go. i make a cuppa sit down and i get about half way through and im busting, maybe thats just my crazy body!!!


kelley32 - June 15

Thanks for all your suggestions ... I actually was able to go today, but OMG!!!! My b___t hole was bleeding because it was so huge!! I almost blocked the toilet, LOL!!! But I have to admit, I feel better. I will definitely try your suggestions!!


krc - June 15

i think the key is to drink LOTS of water. Not soda or sugar drinks..but water. The key is to keep your plumbing moist helping to keep things moving along in here.


clare - June 16

i found out a cure by accident lol i wasnt constipated and i ate a full packet of sugarfree mints for heartburn and my bottom exploded :-( lol


Lynne - June 16

Colace is wonderful and safe during pregnancy. You can also get it with a stool softener. When I was pregnant I had terrible constipation which started around 9 weeks. I took 2 Colace in the morning and took 2 at night. Women with a cerclage (such as I will be) swear by it simply because you can't strain when your cervix is st_tched up and it helps tremenously. I hope this helps!! Oh and dring loads, and loads of water.


jenrodel - June 16

Definitely agree with the lots of water - raisin bran for breakfasts and some apricots during the day are helpful too!


Linda99 - June 19

I also had terrible problems from weeks 8-15. I started using metemucil tablets - 2 a day. The bottle says you can use 2-6 safely. I found two a day together with my fiber rich diet and lots of water I got it under control. Good luck!


lynnstress - June 19

Omega 3 / Fish Oil caps - I take at least one every day!


frankschick2001 - June 19

You say you are only 13 weeks and "already" have constipation? I had constipation at 6 , 7, 8 weeks, so consider yourself lucky that you went this long without it! :) Anyway, try eating watermelon and other frutis, except for bananas. Bran cereal is good too. Dairy doesn't help much so steer clear of cheeses for now. Also, if you feel like you have to go, don't wait, take advangtage of that oportunity! Don't "hold it".


kelley32 - June 19

Thank you all of you wonderful ladies for all of your suggestions!! It's strange, though, now I seem to have the opposite problem, LOL!! Your advice worked too well!! Actually, I thought it was strange because the constipation was bad for my first pregnancy in the later weeks, rather than this soon. Thanks again!!!



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