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Pain in butt - November 8

I know this is a embarrassing question but we are all preggo so any advice (kind & helpful please) would be appreciated. I have not had a "full" BM in 5 days. It was so bad I ended up in emerg because I couldn't feel my baby. (I am 20 wks). Turns out the baby had moved really low in my pelvic region becuase the poor baby was crowded. I have drank prune juice, taken suppositories, and eating lots of fruit & veggies & water. Any other suggestions or any one else in thisscenario. I am in alot of discomfort and really don't want to go have an enema done.:-)


Fiber! - November 8

You need some fiber! Eat lots of broccoli, carrots, whole grain cereal and drink lots of milk because it is a natural laxative. G.L.2.U


coffee - November 8

I would also try some coffee. Reg or decaf, it usually helps me quite a bit.


Tiffany - November 8

I had the same problem. I now drink tons of water and that helped so much. Also my Dr. gave me so perscription prenatal vitamins with stool softner in them which has made it so much better.


Lynne - November 8

Colace (sp) it is a stool softener that is safe to take while pregnant. Your drugstore should have their brand of it as well. Also a strong cup of coffee may help. I had the same problem and had sharp pains while I was pregnant.


Jodie - November 8

I agree with the coffee, i usually have to go after having coffee


Beth - November 8

This is going to sound gross, but maybe you have an impaction. Try sticking your finger "in there" and if you can feel it, pull it out. If there isn't one, I would suggest getting an enema from the drugstore. There are mineral oil ones, and water ones. It'll help loosen things up, and you should go really quickly! They're only a dollar or so apiece, and should be a good fix. Try milk of magnesia if none of those help. Let us know how it goes. :)


Curious - November 8

Is it bad for the baby or can it be harmful if you haven't gone in awhile?


Lisa - November 8

Coffee is a great one! Or MacDonalds I find as well for me for some reason...must be all that nutrition they pack in those burgers.


Tiffany - November 8

no its not good for the baby when you havent gone for awhile. Thank god after 3 day i finally went. I was getting so scared. Its such a horrible feeling to not be able to go. Dont strain though.



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