Contractions 34 Weeks

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Heavenly - April 22

Last night I was having cramps like I was about top start my period. I called my DR and she told me that it was probably nothing and to go to the Hospital to be sure. I was having contractions!!!! The Doc says it is ok and normal to have up to 6 every hour but I was having 3 & 4 a minute! THey had to give me a shot to stop the contractions. I have to see my Dr today to see if I have to be put on this med until I am full term! Man I was scared!


nhb - April 22

OH goodness! That is very scary--be sure to post and let us know what the dr says . . . I'll pray for you and your baby that everything will be fine :o)


Maleficent - April 22

that happened to me at 26 weeks when i was pregnant with my daughter. very scary indeed! did they say what might have brought it on? in my case i was dehydrated; i drank more water and never had another problem. i hope it's something easy to deal with in your case, take it easy!


Heavenly - April 24

Thank you ladies :o) The Doc said that it was because I was doing too much! We are in the middle of moving out. My husband knows I should rest but just last night he was aggravated and said that it wouldn't hurt if I helped him out....andthat he needs all the help he can get. He was so mean to me. Yelling and slamming doors. I never talk to him in that way. If I did he would not have it. I am so stressed I could just run away :o(


Heavenly - April 24

Thank you KEEKEE :o) I know I should relax but he goes into panic mode when he sees that nothing is being done. Even though he knows that it's Dr's orders. He makes me feel all bad and guilty for not kicking back and taking care of the baby but when I do he freaks. I can't win. I did try to buck up to him last night but he yells over me and storms out. I don't know what to think. He talked to me later like nothing happened and hugged me but no apology. I have benn thru so much I just want someone to appreciate me and not treat me like a dumb a__s. I am starting to feel like I am not worth loving. I feel for him and know he is stressed cause he is taking care of ALL the bills. I feel so bad :o( But he also is the one that wanted me to stay out of work. I am so confused! So I am here relaxing for a minute while I clean the computer desk but I will have to clean this house today so I can't play long. To top it off I am sick as a dog! Thank you for the info about the birth. I was and am really worried about going into labor early. I am sure if I do it will make him b___h at me more. I wish sometimes I could just disappear like that little girl on the movie "The Incredibiles".


KEEKEE - April 25

Hey Heavenly, Did that hood rat jump you because you are beautiful??? You know those hooties is normally Haters!!! Hatering on you because you're pretty and looking good. You remind me of my cousin. She's latino.....Such a cute couple......I looked like you were having fun at the baby shower. I had two kids and never had a baby shower. I hate the games.......haha.............When my ex and I had my first born, we were not well off. Walmart and Kmart was my friend!!! The prices is cheap. We got all our baby clothes from there. I tried to catch sales at Sears(another cheap place), Boston Store, and Jcpenney. Rummage sales are great too!!!! My ex was 23 , and I was 20 when we got married. I was 20 also when my oldest was born. I did not work. He took care of us with $10 a hour about 8 years ago. With no other help. We did it!!! You and your hubby can too. I know it....................Now, I'm remarried(long story)I'm still an at home mom!!! Loving it!!!! The best decision I have ever made............Your husband could be afraid of becoming a father. Men stress too. I just figured this out..Being responible for someone else is scary. My hubby was very hormonal when I was pregnant. His first child at 34 years old. The poor man look like he was going to have a heart attack. Once he saw his son, he changed into wonder dad. Everything had to be prefect!! Don't worry you will see that change.Thats going to be the next thing to run you crazy...See men show more affection to something they can see. Its more real to them once the baby is born............I forgot to mention Ebay!!!! Try ebay, its great!!!! ..............How is your contractions??? Are you feeling ok??? Let me know...........Smooches


Heavenly - April 25

Hi KEEKEE! You are so funny, lol....and sweet. Thank you for the compliments I need all I can get. I love that piczo site! It keeps me sane! I change it all the time. I added a bunch of stuff today. I did have a wonderful time at the baby shower.... I had two actually. I don't have any pix from the other one yet. I love K-Mart & Walmart too. Now and then you can catch me at Target. I just got back from the DR office. My contractions have stopped. Thank God. This child is a flipping and flopping all around my belly. It freaks people out if they stare at my belly long enough they will see little limbs moving under the skin. My hubby says it's an alien and to stay away. He is a doofus. BTW, what does dh mean???


Heavenly - April 26

Ok KEEKEE, I have an update for you. I am having contractions again and I am not sure what it is exactly but I think I am losing my (yuck) mucous plug. I am cramping pretty bad this morning :o(


KEEKEE - April 26

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!.......Contractions again!!!...I know you just want to scream..Its has to be scary. The wondering whats going on. Are you sure its the mugous plug??? Maybe its discharge? Call your doc to be on the same side. Maybe there's something they can do. I hope you are not home along. If so call someone to help. I wish someone would have done that for me.....Please let me know whats going on. I will be praying for you and your baby........Baby Dust!!!!!


nhb - April 26

Oh, good luck Heavenly! I saw your pics too, beautiful--please keep us updated, and good luck. I've said a prayer for you.


Heavenly - April 26

Thanks KEEKEE & nhb. I need all the prayers I can get. I called my Doc and they said that it is prolly the start of the yuck plug starting to come out. They said it would be yellowish or green (ewe) but this was clear. It was like rubbery glue....ok tmi! Anyways, I am here alone but I am 5 minutes from the hospital.....that is until we move this week, then I will be 30 minutes from the hospital. I do feel better than I did earlier but I am still cramping and contracting a little. Gurr.


Fabienne - April 26

Hi Heavenly - Sorry about what you have to go through. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and the same thing happened to me two weeks ago. The doctor basically put me on bedrest. I was scared because I thought it was way too early to have the baby. Now I see that rest helps a lot. I'm having less contractions and I'm rea__sured that I'll be able to go at least to 37 weeks. Take heart. Let's try to remember that what matters the most is our baby's health and ours - because he'll need us when he's here :)


Heavenly - April 26

Thanks Fabienne :o) I really try to rest. I do not want to have the baby before she is due. I want her to come out healthy and ready to take home. I couldn't bare to have to leave her in the hospital. The thing is...if you read the above posts that I hubby encourages me to slow down and relax. He evn makes me feel guilty for cleaning up so much and doing any lifting. But once the Dr told me to reax....I did cuz I got scared after having the contractions. Then he totally flipped the bill on me. He was aggravated that I was lying around. He thought I should get off my b___t and help pack stuff up. I was so upset all I could do is cry.


ellwood - July 12

that happened to me I'm 34 week and I was in active labor but they stoped it I was upset but I know that my baby needs more time in the belly it is very scary I know what your going through


Anonymous - September 7

I went in for my regular checkup at 33 weeks and was told that I was having contractions every couple of minutes and was dilated to 1.5 cm. The contractions weren't painful in the beginning so I hardly even noticed them. They admitted me for 3 nights and kept me on a magnesium drip to stop the contractions and gave me some hormone injections to make the baby's lungs develop quicker in case they couldn't stop me from delivering. I am home now on bedrest for the rest of the week. I'm still having contractions but they are weaker and far less in between and my cervix hasn't dilated any larger. The preterm labor could have been brought on from stress, the fact that I wasn't drinking enough water and that I was still working 10 hour shifts at work. But now they have brought my hours down to just 4 hours a day. I guess that's the military for you. Apparently, you have to be admitted into the hospital before they reduce your work hours. I still have to work up until the day I go into labor and deliver too. Anyways, having contractions until you actually deliver are normal. Just so long as they aren't very strong contractions that come regulary ( that can be time to the exact minute) for more than an hour or so. If that is the case, it could be early labor and I would have a doctor check to see if your cervix is dilating any bigger. But even at 34 weeks, you baby has a 99% chance of being perfectly healthy and surviving but of course the longer you can keep the baby inside of you, the better it's chances are. So try to relax and rest more and drink plenty of water.


iesha - September 30

you might could go in labor early



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