Convulsions Of An Unborn Baby

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priscilla - June 16

Can a baby have convulsions while in the womb? I dont use drugs dont smoke or drink. But I have been waking up at nite because I feel I have a shaking not kicking or rolling but actual shaking of my stomach. I dont feel it during the day only at nite. This is my 5th pregnancy and this is definitely something I have never felt before. I myself have never had a convulsion. I am 7 months pregnant and this just started about 2 weeks ago. I thought I was maybe dreaming it. But last nite I felt it again and the father of my child felt it too. I will call the DR tomorrow.


Audrea - June 17

The only thing that comes to mind is maybe your baby has hiccups at that time. It is wierd that it would make your whole belly shake. I have not heard of a baby having convulsions while still in the womb. That is an interesting question. Will you please let us know what your Dr. says.


Beth S. - June 17

just wondering how long these convulsions last becuase if it is just a moment then it could just be the baby stretching


Karen - June 17

I have felt this before and it's definitely not hiccups, but I don't know what it is. I'm sick of talking to dr about things like this b/c I'm sick of hearing "Oh, I've never heard of that before".


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 17

How long do the convulsions last? When I was pregnant with my son, there were a few times he moved like he was shivering from the cold. It usually lasted only a few seconds. Was your experience anything like this? By the way, he's a happy, healthy, stubborn, 1 1/2 yr old. :o)


Maddie - June 17

I'm at 40 weeks and i've had the same experience. It freaked me out! It feels to me kind of like a "grumbling" feeling...But I was worried my baby was having seizures when he was hiccuping, which he does at least 3 times a day! So anyway....i've felt the same thing. I don't think our babies have convulsions. My doctor also said that the nervous system is not fully developed so they can sometimes shake like that...but it develops quite rapidly and should stop. Ask your doc about that.


kEEKEE - June 17

I was told it was hiccups. While I was getting a ultrasound the "convulsions" happen. The doctor said it was hccups. I didn't feel this with my first pregnancy. So, I scared me....You feel more movement(earlier), hiccups, and anything the baby do with each pregnancy. Try not to worry. let us know what the doctor say........Good luck!!


KrisD - June 17

I am 7 months and have had the same thing.... In fact, I just had one and was emailing my husband to tell him. It does feel like convulsions or sever shaking, but I say it also feels like the baby is angry and is pushing all over with every body part for about 20 seconds. I really wasn't too concerned, just found it a little odd. I figure this might be the stage where he starts to get a little uncomfortable in there... It just started this week or so. I can even see it through my shirt when it happens. Weird.


BBK - June 17

Pls also keep in mind that hickups in a baby will shake his or her whole tiny body, especially if they just took a big gulp of amniotic fluid.


monica - June 17

I get the same thing... last only for a few seconds.


Jbear - June 17

I just read in "1000 questions about your pregnancy" (the most recent pregnancy book I have) that it is common to feel the baby make a shuddering motion. It's caused by the baby's immature nervous system and is normal. Hope that sets your mind at ease.



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