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Shannon - November 14

Hi y'all...just wondering if anyone knows of some places I can shop for cool extra small maternity clothes...I'm 6 weeks and just want to know for future reference. I'm only 20 so I'm really concerned about not looking "frumpy" while I'm pregnant. I'm also very small and cant seem to find maternity clothes at places like target that will fit me, I'm only a little over 100lbs right now. I live in Ga and I'm not sure where to even look for maternity shops other than Motherhood (everything there is huge on me). Thanks for any replies!


E - November 14

OMG, I bought my first maternity pants today and was so scared that I would not find any normal looking pants. I went to A Pea in the Pod and although they are expensive, it is worth buying just a couple pair of pants at that store. Very cla__sy and simple, straight leg pants. I found 2 of the cheapest pairs and they cost me $48 and $78. Some of their pants are designer and run hundreds. Anyhow, I can handle two pair of pants at that price. Also, Gap Maternity is okay. Sometimes they have pants that are not too frumpy.


Shannon - November 14

Cool thanks...I checked it out online and they sure have some cute stuff! Thanks so much!


estee - November 15

hey, don't go spend any money on maternity clothing yet, it's really too early, especially since you don't know how you are going to grow. so wait... and i think it is a good thing you are so small, because you probably don't have to buy maternity clothes for months! just buy clothes one, two and / or later on three sizes up from your normal size - you'll save A LOT of money and you have more choice of style. there just aren't very stylish maternity clothes out there, and if then they cost like crazy. spend the money you save on some good and comfy cotton panties (you'll need those) and some maternity bras which give good support. other than that the only thing you need to buy from the maternity store is a bathing suit, but a regular bikini one size up has still more style.


m - November 15

you can sooooo find stylish and cute maternity clothes... the times they are "a'changin"! I bought many from Fairly cheap and really cute stuff. Also, in the mall, there is a Motherhood Maternity that I shopped at a lot. Places like Target and Sears don't seem to carry the trendy things made for smaller people. When I got pregnant w/my first one I was around 110 pounds, so I understand it's hard to find cute small stuff that doesn't look like our mom's maternity clothes.


E - November 15

I agree about waiting to buy. I am 20 weeks and just bought the pants although I could have used them at 16 weeks. I could no longer stand the lines that my tight pants would leave across my belly. I will wear my first pair today:) I am so excited!! They are totally stylish and I look cuter in them than anything I had b4. A Pea in the Pod is stylish and they are the high-end branch of Mimi Maternity and Motherhood. Still, I always look at the sale rack and find great stuff. Those stores are all owned by the corp.


Tracey - November 15

Try the Old Navy in your area. Not all Old Navy stores carry maternity, but if you can find one in your area that does, it's worth it! They have great stuff. I've found some of the cutest stuff there.


Claudia - November 15

Naissance on Melrose is a really cute maternity boutique, lots of stylish clothes. Go to Also,, and These should give you a lot of options for really nice looking clothes. Good luck!


E - November 16

Claudia, I looked at Naissance and I love it!! Cute stuff and totally hip.


Reb - November 16

Shannon, if you live near Atlanta, consider going up GA 400 to the North GA outlet mall. There is a maternity outlet there for Motherhood companies. Also, the Baby Gap outlet has a bunch.



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