Copycat Can You Relate

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Pau - May 20

My sister in law and I got preg. around the same time but I had been preg before and had lost the baby. I waited a bit to recover and start looking again for baby. The day finally came and I got prego again and YES...she got preg too. She had a mc at around 3wks. the Dr. told her to wait until she had a period and she did not. She got prego again and claimed she did not have time to use any protection. So my hole pregnancy it was like some sort of compet_tions which I did not want any part in. We both had healthy baby boys and yes...the compet_tions still goes on, my son was a little bigger at birth than her's and she always seem to bring things like that up. I sometimes get so upset that she did this. She only started dating her now boyfriend 3mo and then decided to get prego. I can see this as a never ending story. Should I say something? Or should I just ignore all of it. Its really hard sometimes.


Heidi - May 20

My two older sisters got pregnant at the same time too. Their kids are only a week or two apart. My one sister didn't care about it but my other sister was p__sed cus she got so heavy and my other sister didn't. I don't remember much of it but I'm sure there was rivelry going on but my one sister just ignored her and they lived in different towns so that made it a little easier. I'd say let it go. If not, you'll be comparing your kids their entire life.


Ignore it!!!!! - May 20

Some people love to steal attention. I wouldn't pay any attention to her. It would be nice. If the both of you can enjoy your pregnancies together. If that can't happen. Try to avoid her. Good and congrats


Pau - May 20

That's what I felt happened, she did this with her first child, her cousin got prego and she got prego too. Now she did it to me. We got along great before this happened, now I dont even want her to know much about what my baby is doing, just so I can avoid comparison among them. She always calls to brag about her son and I just keep quiet w/ my things because it's always about her and she never has time to hear about others. I guess the good thing is that we live far from each other, the sad news that the cousins might not be that close.


amy p. - May 20

I got pregnant at the same time with my cousin. The was comparison between us because of our moms. Who never got along. Her mom came to our new house. She went into the nursery and got p__sed off. She even went as far as saying her daughter was having a girl and I was having a boy. Like it was something terrible to be having a boy. I gave birth early. Her daufhter had a full term pregnancy. Again she compared the weight. Now, they compare the hair type and weight. Its stupid and childish. I would stay away from that. I would only stress you. Congrats!


Karen - May 20

Just ignore her. The girlfriend of a friend of my bf is like that. Everytime that someone we know is pregnant all of a sudden she is pregnant also. The sad thing about it is that she has claimed pregnancy about 3 times ( including wear maternity type clothes) and has never had a baby. The last time she claimed she loss the baby at which point she was almost 3 months pa__s due. Now that I am pregnant and another of my bf girlfriend is. She has started to hint that she maybe while continuing to drink tons of alcohol and partying all the time. We just ignore her and let her talk I think she has serious mental problems. The best thing is to enjoy your baby and congrats


Heidi - May 20

It doesn't even have to be a sister who does that to you. I've seen friends do that to other friend's kids that are the same age. It's stupid. My kid is teething, hers isn't, something is wrong with her kid. He's not even walking yet, mine is. Blah Blah Blah! It's so dumb. Every child develops differently. Why it has to be a compet_tion is beyond me! I'd avoid anyone who acts like that when my baby is born. Fortunately, nobody I know close enough is pregnant!!!


Lynn - May 20

I would ignore the compet_tion and looka t the brighter side of things. My cousin & I TRIED to get pregnant together. We come from a close family anf though it would be great to raise our kids together (we are also only 6 months apart). Unfortunatley she is having some trouble TTC and it didn;t work out like we had planned. Howver, My brother & his girlfriend are expecting in June (I am due in November) so that will be nice ot have cousins so close together in age. Maybe she's just trying to compare grow & things because she wants to be sure her baby is growing properly & healthy (I know that's a little far fetched, but maybe you could just keep tellingyourself that!)


Pau - May 20

thxks for you comments. I guess the sad thing about it is that I dont even think she even loves her now BF, but she really wanted a baby and did not want her brother (my hubby) to be the only 1 with a newborn in their side of the family taking all the attention from grandma & grandpa. Im happy that with my syblings & friends for that matter this has never happend.


m - May 20

It's beyond comprehension why some people don't realize what an a**hole they're acting like. Why can't it just be great that the two of you are having children of the same age that can grow together and be friends, just be thankful they have a playmate, and are related. I hate when I see families that put on that compet_tion thing. It can change the whole outcome of how you raise your family, because kids DO notice that compet_tion thing, and it just stinks! I would ignore them, and actually just not attend family get togethers too often, and be my own if that's the way they make ya feel. Who cares what they think about that, some things are like "tough sh*t" takes 2 to tango to that song. Leave em be.


Tigerphoenix - May 20

Try going through this situation but with a teenager. My husbands little sister (17 now) has been competing with us forever. We moved out of the house, a year later she starts running away. Gets a boyfriend (about a year and a half ago) and decides she isnt comming home and lives with him. Tries to get everything we have (like a house and cars). I told everyone that I was pregnant then three weeks later BOOM! so is she. This girl is 17!!!! She dropped out of high school (dispite efforts by us and her mother to straghten her out. She has been a problem we've been battleing for 5 years now) and though she can do everything we do. I feel sorry for her child......


Tigerphoenix - May 20

Oh mind you Im not upset she is copying us but more upset at the age she is doing it at. She will learn really quick what her brother and I have been trying to tell her. Stay a kid for as long as you can. Once you cross that line there is no turning back and life isnt some game you can just walk away from.



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