Cost Of Being Pregnant

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Allison - October 13

I am 7 weeks pg, and have had the financial plan laid out to me by my doc's office. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the TOTAL amount for the pregnancy package. It includes all routine visits, lab work, labor and delivery, and one postpartum visit. the total was $3,800 (which we will pay over the next 7 months). The only things not involved in the package that I will need is the epidural and if by chance I had to have a c-section (which I'm praying I dont). I read somewhere that most pregnancy packages cost between $7,000 and $10,000 per baby. What is everyone else paying....does that sound about right?


Lucy - October 13

Is this what you pay or the insurance will pay. Or is that your part of the payment and the insurance picks up the rest. Sorry if sound dumb i just don't know the way the system works


MJM - October 13

That fee they gave you probably does not cover the hospital expenses. That is you Dr.'s fees. So almost double what you pay your doctor for the hospital. My daughter costed us about 7-8 grand and that was 4 years ago. I had a back surgery well the cost for the surgeons was 20,000 but the hospital was 70,000. So the hospital is what kills yah.


N - October 13

HOLY CRAP! I could buy a car for the amount it costs to have a baby! I am SO glad I live in Canada!!


to Allison - October 13

I can a__sure it does not include the hospital fees or fees for epidurals. My epidural would have been $2500 had I gone through the hospital, I found out who the hospital used and cut a deal with them for $800. The hospital stay would have been about $7000, again I cut a deal similar to yours. I paid in advance by the 7th month and got the same stay plus private room for $2500. Seems like the magic number huh. My dr is charging 2500 too he will cover all the things you mentioned but I got a bonus, he does 3D/4D ultrasounds in his office. Those are also included in his fee. I think all of these fees vary by where you live so you may be getting the best deal. Do call the hospital you would like to deliver and see if they have a plan. They do not offer the plan to the insured, its for the uninsured only.


to N - October 13

Yeah but you guys have to que up to be seen. I like being able to call my dr and talk him and not wait weeks for an appointment.


to Allison - October 13

Don't forget this tuff is tax deductible too. You get some type of tax credit for these expenses, keep all your records.


jb - October 13

I am worried now. Epidurals cost $2500?!?!?! Is that without insurance, does most insurance cover epidurals?? My total doctors bill will be about $2500 before insurance, I only pay 20% of that, which is still alot. That doesnt include the hospital bills, I am now really worried how much they will be, since i will have to pay 20% of whatever they are.


Julie - October 13

I have great insurance, and don't pay a dime...but I get insurance stuff in the mail telling me what was billed and what they pay. It's usually around $7500 or so...I've had 2 v____al births, at 2 different hospitals. And, yeah, the epidural is a huge is if you have a few st_tches after, since they call that "surgery". But, that $7500 was for both days of my care, and my baby's care. Most people get a supplemental insurance if they don't have great insurance, or no insurance at all, so at least they'll only have to pay $1500-2000, instead of the whole bill. That's what my sister does, who needs c-sections...and her bill is usually at least $10,000!


Sophie to jb - October 13

Sorry, but most hospitals really inflate the cost of services. Be prepared to pay 50 to 75 cents each for two extra strenth tylenol pills. They charged 3X what the actual lab that did my blood work charged me. Who knows how much the lab charges the hospital for their bulk business. You can breathe a sigh of relief that you are getting your insurance companies negotiated rates with the hospital, but those are usually inflated too. It is better than walking in off the street with no insurance on the day you go into labor. I can't stress this last part enough: CHECK YOUR BILL, hospitals are notorious for charging you for services you didn't get or double charging you for the same service. Not because they are being sneaky, but because the coding can be so complicated. Even if you will only pay 20% and your insurer will pay the rest, overpaying will effect you in the long run if you have something major come up.


Jessie V - October 13

I just got my letters in the mail for my co-pays. The Dr was 450 and the hospital was 900.


Allison - October 13

My insurance pays 80% of the $3,800. I think my husband and I will pay about $900 and that includes our $250 deductable


Allison - October 13

also.....I am looking at my Prenatal Care Package financial form right now and it say the total cost is $3,800.00 for a v____al delivery. It includes (All routine prenatal visits, Routine prenatal labs, Routine tests, delivery of infant at Craven Regional Medical Center, and 4-6 week postpartum visit. The only thing it does not cover is the drugs (epidural). Like I said above, my insurance covers 80% of the total cost $3,800.


Cathy - October 13

It may cover the fee for your doctor to deliver at the hospital but that amount allison, definately does not cover what the hospital will charge you. My doctors total is aruond 2500 of which 700 is mine to pay. The hospital is another thing. You have to pay for the room(s), all the nurses, other doctors, drugs, pads (rip off bring your own) etc. It can be quite expensive. Just be lucky that you have insurance that will cover part of it. My inusrance will only pay out a maximum of 3000/year and most of that is to my doctor. so yes I will be screwed, but...i will have my little one.


mom42 - October 13

For a v____al birth with no epidural or st_tches or anything, and a two day stay, my bill was $4,474.20. The insurance paid $2,696 and $1,578 was magically adjusted away. My co-pay is $200. For the dr, I'm not sure what it cost, but my co-pay was $50. With my first daughter, we got a lot of other bills too. They were from this dr and that outside the hospital. They were all included in my co-pay ($150 back then), but it was surprising to see all the people who get all the money from a birth!


dani - October 13

Wow, I guess I'm considered to be lucky b/c my insurance is covering everything under my pregnancy. I don't have any co-pays or deductables. My epidural is also included in with everything too.....thank god


to dani - October 13

to dani-what kind of insurance do you have??? I need that



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