Coughing And Sneezing At Night

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Jesse - April 26

Hi I am 13weeks pregnant and since we found out I am expecting, I started having, cold,watery eyes and coughing every night. I am taking Tylenol Sinus Nightime and I wanna know if it's safe for my baby.I take this tablet almost everynight to help me sleep. Please advise.


r - April 26

You should call your doctor's office and ask them.


christie - April 26

what type of medicine can u take for sinus and congestion?


Amy - April 26

My OB/GYN told me that I could take any tylenol product. So for my congestion I take Tylenol Allergy Sinus. It works for like 2 hours. Not much relief but it helps. I have to take Tylenol PM sometimes at night to sleep. That works wonders. But always follow the directions on the package. Don't take more than you should. But you should also ask your doctor, since I am not one. Hope I've been of some help. Good luck


Tanja - April 26

I have the runny nose sneezing and all that Im almost 15 weeks and have had it since day one pretty much. I don't take anything because i'm too scared to. But I did hear not to take anything with antihistamines, which is in pretty much every alleregy medicine.


Mary - April 27

My doctor tolf me I can continue taking my prescription allergy medicine - Zyrtec - Also he said for congestion I can take these OTC: Actifed, sudafed, Afrin, saline nasal spray, Benadryl 25 mg. I hope this helps.


Jenn... - April 27

Hi Jesse. When I was about 18 weeks I had an awful cold. I couldn't find my list of okay meds from the doctor and I woke up at about midnight unable to sleep or even rest and I had to work the next morning. My husband ran out and got me Tylenol Cold Nightime... it helped so much! I called my doc the next morning and they said not to worry that I did take it, but not to take it again. I have heard that many doctor's opinions vary as far as what is okay and not. Definately give yours a call and see how they feel! Good luck, I hope you feel better!



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