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CeCe - December 17

I have one daugther already, she is five. Unfortunately I dont really remember all the signs of preg I had with her. I just remember that I took 5 urine tests and they were all negative, didnt find out until I was 3 months and took a blood test with my doc. I currently do not have ins so Im not able to visit a doc. My stomach is incredibly pooching out(I am normally skinny), last sun I had the begining of what I thought was my normal heavy cycle. But monday it went to spotting then tue nothing. I am a very regular person, ALWAYS very heavy, always on time and always last 5 days. Also my br___ts are very swollen and when I get out of the shower and put any pressure on them what looks like br___t milk comes out.. I would be definately sure I was except the bleeding on sunday. So could the bleeding be caused from me moving heavy stuff? and does it sound like im preg to anyone?


GET A TEST - December 18



CeCe - December 19

I have thank you....Maybe you should read the above again.


Steph - December 19

You can go to your local Planned Parenthood and tell them your sitatuion and ask if they can give you a blood test. I would make sure and tell them the circ_mstances surrounding your pregnancy with your daughter.


Been There - December 19

I bled for a couple of hours with my two daughters, then I stopped. I too was like clockwork. You don't say whether you've taken a test this time or not. Each pregnancy is different. You can get a decent test at the Dollar Store, I know from experience. Here are some suggestions. Most states have some sort of insurance help, Medicaid, etc. to insure every woman has a healthy baby. Call the local Health or Family Services office and ask some questions. As a matter of fact, you have access to the internet, so start looking up this information ASAP. A great help is to find a Catholic Hospital and they will most certainly help you. They will make sure you get the care you need because they value life. They will also help you with any programs the county or state offers. Yes, it sounds like you're pregnant and I think you know too. Please do the research as suggested above and let us know how it goes.


CeCe - December 19

Thank you very much for all your help. Yeah I did try taking two urine tests and they were negative. I am going to planned parenthood today. I gave them a call, it was my own ignorance thinking that all they did were urine tests. They advised me to come in and they would help me out. After researching on the internet as well I found out that my state does have a medicaid type of insurance until Im back at work and can get ins through there. Thanks for the advise I'll let ya know.



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