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Sarah - August 12

Im on birth control and my bf used a condom when we had intercourse, but im scared that something might of gone wrong. ive been gettin alot of stomach aches at night and i dont know why. could i be pregnant or am i just being paranoid?


Helen - August 12

I think it's brilliant that you and your boyfriend are using 2 methods of contraception, I wish more people would! Being on birth control and using a condom gives you literally a 0% of being pregnant, so please don't worry :o) The stomach aches could be due to you stressing over the thought of being pregnant.


Samantha - August 12

Helen your wrong it is not 0% anyone can get pregnant any time i had my first child while on birth control and using protection and he pulled so please stop posting your answers. All of them have been wrong that i have read and your not a DOCTOR so quit trying to be!!!!!!!!!


Caz - August 12

Samantha, please stop filling this girls head with silly lies, she is worried and you will just be worrying her even further. We should be congratulating her on thinking about contraception, not telling her that she is unsafe. Samantha, you probably missed a pill or was ill, that's the way you got pregnant. If a girl is on the pill and she is using it correctly, plus she uses a condom then she no chance whatsoever of getting pregnant (unless the condom breaks or she forgets to take the pill). PLEASE DO NOT POST WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!


Rainbow - August 12

J (and Samantha I guess) - I'm afraid you are both incorrect. As Caz said, if you have used birth control and condoms in the right way there is no reason or logical way you could get pregnant. I agree, if you don't know about these things, then keep your mouth shut. Also, stop swearing and using abusive language you sill girl!


J - August 12

Will some of you please stop worrying this girl [Sarah]. She comes on here to be advised and rea__sured. Frightening her into thinking she is risking pregnancy when she is not is a nasty thing to do. Sarah you sound very responisble and I commend you for doing the upmost to protect yourself against pregnancy and STD's.



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