Could I Be Having Symptoms Yet

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ms.tang - January 25

My period was Jan4. We are trying now and I was just wondering if I could be having any symptoms yet?


MIRANDA - January 25

i would love to know as well. My period was Jan 7th, we are NOT trying, but i am feeling very strange and am very nervous. I feel like i am about to get my period (cramping, ect.) but its not supposed to come untill Feb 3 How soon after possible conception can one start to feel symptoms?


Evansmomma - January 25

Symptoms usually start around 2 weeks after your missed period. I'm 36 weeks now. My period was suppose to start on June 21,2006 and my morning sickness especially and most other symptoms started on July 1st, 2006. Don't be eager for that symptom. My morning sickness lasted till the end of September and it was all day every day. Pray you don't go through that.


Evansmomma - January 25

To be a little more specific to your question, my last period started on May 23, 2006 and my symptoms started on July 1, 2006. I conceived on June 6th or 7th, if that helps more.


Allisonc79 - January 27

I didn't start feeling sick until 6 weeks after my missed period. I did get b___st tenderness in my 4th and 5th week. The first symptom you will get if you are will be the sore b___sts, or slightly enlarged. But if your last period was Jan 4th, you shouldn't start getting symptoms till Feb 26th


melissap - January 27

I didn't start feeling sick util about 6 weeks after my LMP but I did start to pee constantly and my b___st were huge and killing me about 10-12 DPO my last preg. I took 4 tests before I got a + but I just knew I was preg b/c my body just changed. Good Luck and I hope you are having symptoms


DB - January 27

I got sore b___sts (my only preg. symptom) about 14dpo-basically when I should've missed my period. I was also quite crampy, but they felt just like af cramps. I had a bfp, but the cramps made it feel like af was coming. Good luck.


Grandpa Viv - January 27

On a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated Jan 18, and by Jan 25 it is possible to start feeling diffferent. True, morning sickness is at its worst weeks 7-12, but the other sometimes subtle signs can start a week before a missed period. Good luck!



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