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sweetdiva77 - February 14

My husband and I are trying to have another baby. I've been pretty regular with my period for the past 3 years. My last period was Jan 6th. I was due to start Feb 5th. Still no period, but I have taken a ton of pregnancy tests (probably like 8) and they all read negative. Could I still be pregnant or is it something else?


crackersforme - February 14

Your dates are exactly like mine. Last af was Jan. 5th & I was due Feb. 2nd. I tested with a faint faint faint positive a day or so after the 2nd, but then on the 8th started spotting...spotted off & on for a day & 1/2/2 days & then it stopped. I thought I had an early miscarriage, but not so sure as there was barely anything coming out. I just went & bought another dollar test & this one came out negative. I still have a lot of signs, but just don't know what's going on. I can't get to a doctor, so if you do...keep me informed. Do you have any other symptoms?


crackersforme - February 14

I also wanted to add that I, like you, have always been regular every 28 days besides the one day here or there difference & haven't been on birth control for at least 5 years.


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 14



sweetdiva77 - February 14

Well.. for me the symptoms are a lot like those of PMS, like my b___st being tender, me being tired, and so on. The only different thing is I had really strange cramping. Not like when I ovulate and usually I get cramps after my flow starts. These just felt like a dull pain around my uterus. I hope I am but all the negative results are making me feel negative. Also I've tried EPT, ClearBlue, and Accu-something. At this point my checing is about to show negative too... To make matters more crazy I went to the doctors, because I've had a cold and I asked for a prego test. He said that since it was a quick care/ walk in facility that they only use urine tests to and to wait another week and then re-test. A week can seem like a long time in such a situation. I guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and wait it out. But it's comforting to know I'm not alone. :)


crackersforme - February 14

I understand what you mean about the waiting....a week is a LOOONG time! My cramps were also different this time. About a week or so before my af was due, I started cramping, but a weird cramp...they weren't painful at all -- but were definitely there. I usually cramp painfully the day before af & the first day of af. Even yesterday I started cramping for a little bit & I actually thought I was going to start my af -- but it only lasted maybe 5 minutes & they were gone so who knows........


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 14

Try not to get to excited though...Being anxious in a way can be stressful on your body and delay your period, so those tests may be accurate and you will eventually start your period...but I would suggest one of the more expensive tests. But make sure you take them in the morning because that is when they can detect the most HCG


TucsonHelpful - February 14

This sounds crazy but I would take a long, warm bath and just let your body really relax, maybe right before you go to bed. It is definately possible that you are pregnant, but Nerdy Girl is right that stress and worry can make your body do wierd stuff. I once was five days late and was freaking out, and as soon as I let my body relax and stopped worrying, I got my period. In case you ARE pregnant, which would be awesome, keep in mind that a lot of women don't show a positive result until well into their pregnancy, regardless of the test. There are some clinics (or a planned parenthod if you have one) that will give you an ultrasound for like $60 or something in case you can't get into your own doctor sometime soon. Good Luck!!!!


Sonja.Ippy - February 17

You can still be pregnant. Sometimes it´s best just to go and test at a doctor as they are more accurate. I don´t want to get your hopes up but according to the due date calculator on babycenter you are 5 weeks pregnant... Due Date Calculator Your baby will be born on or around Monday, October 15, 2007. You are 5 weeks pregnant. Good luck


crackersforme - February 17

I honestly don't think I'm pregnant. I tested this morning with a dollar store test & got a bfn. I'm still cramping every other day or so but am under no extra stress than usual. Also - If I'm pregnant, I am...if not, then there's next month -- no stress there, either. I'm just confused as to why I spotted for a day & a 1/2 this month & af never showed up as I'm ALWAYS regular. But, today I am two weeks & a day late so it should have showed positive if I was. Sweetdiva..any update on you?


sweetdiva77 - February 17

Sorry it took so long to answer, it has been a crazy day. Well I still haven't started my period. I last tested on Valentine's Day. It still showed negative. I haven't spotted or anything, just the slight cramps. I'm just gonna wait and see if I get my period next month. I'm taking prenatal pills since we are trying anyways so I should be ok. It's just frustrating. My husband is more anxious to get our tax return than to find out. So you all are my only outlet for my frustration. Thanks for being there.



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