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lenae_manning - September 21

About 2 days after my last period ended my br___t have been very tender and im running to the bathroom more than usual. My next period isnt due until Sept 30, about 9 days away. Could i be pregnant? Should i wait to see if a miss my period? I would be so happy if I was :)


singlem0m - September 21

You don't normally have a period with pregnancy and 2 days after would indicate that you were pregnant and you had a period. The normal cycle is 28 days and you ovulate about 2 weeks after the 1st day of your last period. Then it takes almost 2 weeks for implantation and the hormone to build up enough to be detected by a test.


lenae_manning - September 21

Thanks for the reply. But im not really understanding. Could i be preggo? The b___st tenderness, frequent urination and exhaustion isnt normal for me. Im very active and normally my b___st dont get tender until about 3 days before my period. Should I wait too see if i miss a period? My cycle is about 30days.


Grandpa Viv - September 21

If your last period was lighter than normal you may have gotten pregnant last cycle and a test now would show it. Good luck!


lenae_manning - September 24

Thanks Grandpa Viv :) My last period came late and was lighter. So I could take a test? This past Saturday I was so exhausted that I slept all day, i felt like I was drugged. Im never like that, something is going on. I hope its pregnancy :) If anyone has any opinions about what may be going on with me, im open to them.


Grandpa Viv - September 24

If you are 7 weeks pregnant, a test using first morning pee would almost certainly show it. Buy some prenatal vitamins at the same time. Good luck!


LMD - September 24

you may not have had a period last month. It could have been implantion bleeding- meaning that the embryo has burrowed into the lining of your uterus-PREGNANT!!! good luck


lenae_manning - September 25

Thanks everyone for the response. I did take a test, came out positive. Went to see the doc and Im 10 weeks along. Im so excited but nervous. I havent been able to tell daddy yet, hes out of town until Friday :( I will take any advice, tips, anything. This will be our first!! Thanks again!!


Melissa G - September 25

WOW!!! Congrats lenae-manning! My hubby and I are ttc our 2nd baby and I just went off birth control last month and got period twice last month I guess my system was all messed up so I have no idea when I'll start this month. We've been trying every other day and I've been cramping, but nothing yet. Wish me luck!


lenae_manning - September 26

Melissa I wish you all the luck in the world and I'll say a few extra prayers for you and your hubby. Im so excited but also very nervous. This will be our first, so if anyone has advice I will be more than willing to take it all :)


Melissa G - September 26

Hey lenae, Well I'm not pregnant, I guess we missed that window, but we're still going to keep trying and get a head start for next month! I did that ovulation calculator and it said I should be ovulating from the 6th-11th of October! Please keep us in your prayers!



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