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vennela13 - May 7

Hi, I am using chlomid and my last period was on APR 5th. Usually my cycle is around 28-29 days. Till today I didnot get my periods yet. I had ovulation on Apr 21st The BBT is showing triphasic pattern. Could I be pregnant or is it because Chlomid? I am tryin to get pregnant but this is my first time i ever had BBT, so not sure what does triphasic pattern mean.


Grandpa Viv - May 7

Triphasic is if your temperature goes even higher in the last week of the cycle. They say that 18 days of high temps after ovulation is a great indicator - you should have that by this weekend. Good luck!


vennela13 - May 8

Granpa Viv, Thank You verymuch for your reply. Today i tested with First Response and I got positive result. Though the second line is little faded than the first one, but the instrauctions said taht it is positive result. But for the past 4-5 days, Iam feeling extreme fatigue and getting exhausted, feeling dizzy as if I lost all the energy I have. I could get dr appointment for tomorrow evevning but iam little worried, do i need to worry about my health condition or it is normal for pregnancy. I have zero knowledge about pregnancy and Iam trying to learn about it through forums. Please help.


Grandpa Viv - May 8

Congratulations! The clomid seems to have worked first time. There are lots of signs you might experience, many similar to PMS, so don't worry yourself. Choose from tired, trouble sleeping, dizzy, nauseous, more peeing, lotion discharge, heavier b___bs, sensitive nipples, more veins showing, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, very ga__sy, short of breath, acne, dreams, runny nose, low backache, headache, emotional, appet_te, food cravings, smells change. Under normal conditions a doc will not be upset if you are not seen until missing a second period - just be sure to start taking prenatal vitamins. Since you are on clomid, it would be just fine to call and tell the nurse at the doc's office, especially if you get a second, darker BFP this weekend. Good luck!


vennela13 - May 8

Thanks Grandpa Viv , Iam feeling better now. Thanks for the information, it helps a lot . I was somuch worried in the morning and going to see dr tomorrow.


Krissy68 - May 9

Vennela13 - Congrats please keep us posted. Grandpa Viv - I have a question for you I hope you can help me out. I had AF on Apr 11 for 5 days I started taking prenat vits & baby asprins on cd 1 took clomid 50mg cd 2-6 on cd 7-18 I took robintussin. I did the opk test stick on cd 14 I got a positive wasn't for sure so I did another one same thing on cd 15 I got another + on cd 18 I got another + I didn't test anymore after that. I bd on cd 12 & 13 & 15-20. I took my first hpt on cd 22 and Neg and then again on cd 24 Neg on cd 26 I took another one and got a faint positive so I called the dr and went to have blood work done they said it would take a few days to get the results. I went to the free clinic and they said it was neg but they were really rude then I waited and took another hpt and got another faint poistive on cd 27&28 I took hpt and they were Neg. AF is due on Monday May 12. I am not having any signs of her coming. My lower back and my stomach is a little crampy but not AF crampy I'm feeling sick to my stomach. If AF don't show on monday should I test on that or just wait until tuesday. Please help me. Krissy68


vennela13 - May 13

Hi Grandpa Viv, My dr confirmed that Iam pregnant, but iam haivng pain in the left side of lower abdomen and I already have ovarian cycst as well as PCOS so my dr suggested for early ultrasound.Hi Krissy68 Thank You. You might have got result by this day...Hope everythng goes well.



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