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ohreally671 - September 29

I'm not sure what to think exactly. I got my period last month, but it was shorter than usual, it was two days instead of four. I'm on the pill but I missed a couple of days last month. I was recently taken off of an anti-depressant type medication and so all of the symptoms I've been having I was just assuming was stress. Here's everything I've been feeling that's out of place it might not all have to do with being pregnant: lower back pains Feeling sick to my stomach after waking up Headaches feeling over heated Irritable randomly feeling like I'm going to cry tired and even my boyfriend has said he thinks my nipples are getting darker and there is a little bit of discharge if you squeeze it out. I just guessed that maybe I was feeling differently because I was off of my medication, but then yesterday I realized that i had forgotten to take my birthcontrol again so I made sure to take it that morning, then not soon after I started getting cramps, and a few hours after that I had light bleeding, it was pink, and I don't even get my period for another two weeks or so, now I am getting cramping again, so I am worried. I also took a test but it came back negative. So I am not sure what to think I just started having these symptoms maybe for about a week, or a week and a half. I just want to know if I should be getting worried here or if these symptoms could be something else.


clindholm - September 29

Although it is possible that you could be pregnant since you sometimes forget the pill, it also sounds like withdrawal symptoms from your meds. I would test again in about a week using first morning urine. The random bleeding is probably from missing pills. Try not to worry too much, it will delay your period and give you more symptoms to make you crazy. Good luck.



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