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mshill - August 16

Hey Ladies, I need some help. So I got off my period at the end of July. My fiance and I had intercourse a day or 2 after. The first day after was fine the second day (we use condoms) we were having intercourse and he *** inside because he was wearing a condom and when he pulled out the condom was inside me.When he pulled the condom out finally!! it basically looked like all the sperm came out in me...soobviously my concern is could I be pregnant? and when should I take a test?


Grandpa Viv - August 16

Possible, but not likely. Sperm only lasts a max of 5 days inside you, and ovulation is normally about 14 days before your next period. I'm thinking your next period might be due a week from today, so if you were getting pregnant you might fell a few changes about now. Test if and when a normal period is late or light. GL!


mshill - August 16

A few changes like what? I have had the norm symptoms of being tired and sleeping all day, the lotion discharge or whatever, the increase in appet_te, I mean right after I eat Im hungry again, and the frequent urination...but those could all just be anything else also,right?


Grandpa Viv - August 16

Now that you list those early pregnancy signs, the possibility becomes a probability. How about weird cramps, b___sts heavier, nipples sensitive, low backache, upset gut, stuffy nose, emotions, dreams, leg cramps, lightheaded moments, favorite foods changed, smell sensitivity, acne, hot flashes, all where different from normal PMS. When do you hope for your next period? Good luck!


mshill - August 17

I should be getting my next cycle, like you said around the 22nd/23rd.The only other signs I have been getting are headaches, I have been getting some lightheadedness and back early could I test? or should I just wait til monday?


Grandpa Viv - August 17

Save your money and wait until first pee Sunday morning, dip method. You may even have to repeat a week later if still in doubt. Good luck!


mshill - August 23

So, I took the test on Sun am and I got neg result! Now my question is...the test I used has been in my glove compartment for about 4 you think the heat would affect the accurate response? Iwas going to get a dollar test today because AF still hasnt showed up and then I wa goin to retest with a first response on Friday or sat if af still hasnt come...I mean the symptoms I have are both prego and why have I not gotten Af or a pos test?...I think Im driving myself crazy...Please Help somebody!!


Grandpa Viv - August 23

Some women do not get a positive test until 2 weeks late, and a few even later. Test at weekly intervals. If you miss a second period with no positive, make a doctor appointment anyway. GL!



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