Could I Be Pregnant Even Though Iv Had A Period

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dempsk - January 31

Hi people, Iv been on the pill for a few years now me n my partner really want a baby. I came off my pill on the 23rd of Dec had my period on the 27th as usual. We then had intercourse as usual on and around suspected ovulation dates and throughout. Abt a 2 weeks after period i started to get really bad headahces and have since sometimes lasting for 3 days. I had my 2nd period a day late than usual on the 25th of Jan which only really lasted abt 2 day's then ever since iv jst been getting a browny discharge when i wipe after the toilet. I just dont feel myself im so tired and very teary which im not usually and feeling irritable and short temperted. Any possibilty i am pregnant or i am sounding a bit crazy cause iv been thinking abt it too much. plz plz help dont want to get a test until i get any answers feeling a bit silly. Thanks oh soz for the novel lol


hopeless - January 31

i am not really sure. are you still spotting brown, it is enought to wear a pad or a liner-how long have you been bleeding ? i knew cycles can off of a bit after BC because of the hormones . are you having any symptoms besides the brown spotting ?


dempsk - January 31

Thanks for replying hopeless, yeah still brown spotting i was only bleeding for about 1 and a half days and it wasnt tht heavy. Got really bad headaches lasting a couple of days every few days sometimes get a sicky feeling but not at any particular time. Feel really bloated 2 like a potbelly n i usually have quite a flat belly apart from periods. im moody and tired all the time for no reason. I no tht hormones will be all over the place so i hadnt really thought abt being pregnant or if i could so soon after coming off BC but been reading a few things and it has made me think there is a possibility. thnaks again x


patrizia - February 1

hi dempsk. i seem to be in a really similair situation. i was on BC for 6 months to shrink a cyst. i had my AF the 21 of december. the last pack of BC. then the month of january (NO BC) i got my af late --on the 24 of january. i just spot alot, sometimes brown, sometimes red, it is mucosy. and it has been a week and it is still going on. i hope it ends soon because it worries me. i hope it is normal. Have you also been spotting for a weeK or more? i think it is normal due to the BC.---wait another week and take another test. i do't think i am pregnant. i have been ttc for almost 3 years.


dempsk - February 1

At this moment im not to bothered if i pg or not cause i know it takes a few months for body to get back to normal but i think if i was to go to the bother of getting a test now i would feel disappointed if i wasn't. Its been abt 6 days of the weird brownish stuff with no red apart from what looked like a period for 1 and half days but was very light but still enough to wear a pad. I wish also it would go away but iv read on other pregnancy forums tht people got this brown spotting and then found out they were pregnant thts why im so curious. Looks like time will tell, ill maybe take test next week if it continues. thanks for reply oh and dont worry urself abt it iv heard it happens to alot people, well when they were pregnant at the early stage.


patrizia - February 1

hi dempsk-it's me again...i don't knew about you but this brown discharge stuff is annoying to me !!! i am going on day 8!!!!! i guess it is common ...after BC? but i feel like it will never stop--that i will never be "clean" and free- i have to wear a liner. i feel better to hear that you have had it for days also. i guess it is common afterall....?


dempsk - February 3

Hi patrizia, jst to let u no tht the stuff seems to have gone, i had it once yesterday morning but none since but still feeling like rubbish got one of my really sore headaches AGAIN n feeling a bit sicky (probably thinking about it to much) but iv convinced myself tht im not cause i never seemed to get any spotting before my period was due tht people talk abt getting when they found out later tht they were pg, so ill jst to wait for another week or so. x x



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