Could I Be Pregnant Help

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aniel - January 5

i supposed to have my period today or tom. jan 7 for my LMP was dec. 7...i am a regular 30 day cycle by the question is, i have some crampings for days now (feels lyk im having my period!)...after i got off my period last mo., me & my husband had an every other day i have a big chance of conceiving? even if i have crampings? ryt now, i have a big, tender, sore br___ts & tingly nipples that is very sensitive to touch! i also increase in salivation....could this be also a sign of pregnancy? pls help! thanks! godbless! :)


Rhonda - January 5

Wait for another day or two and then take a test,your having symptoms of pregnancy,including the excess saliva .good luck


louise1710 - January 6

I'm experiencing the exact same thing at the moment, i'm usually as regular as clock work, but I was supposed to start my period on tuesday, but since then i have been cramping, but no period, I also am experiencing sensitive b___sts, and also there's a noticable increase in the size of my b___sts!!! which is very amusing to my boyfriend!!! Its nice to hear someone is experiencing the same as me, as I have never been pregnant so I didnt have a clue what my symptoms could be!!! many thanks!!


aniel - January 6

hi louise! its nice to hear same thing as you do...pls keep your fingers crossed to me that i fin'ly did it! :) may i ask you, do u want to have baby? as for me, im badly wanting for it...thanks!


louise1710 - January 10

I found out on Saturday that yes I am pregnant, the doctor confirmed it yesterday, so its all go now!!! It was totally unplanned, and has come at totally the wrong time but we are both happy!! Roll on September!! my fingers are crossed for you!!


aniel - January 12

hi louise! i already did a home test early morning yesterday (first pee) & i got a positive result...& later that afternoon me & my husband went to the dr to have a confirmation & she told me that im 5 wks pregnant now! congrats to both of us! :)



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