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marks_bensmom - April 27

last cycle started 4/7 not sure when i had ovulated but had relations on 15th and 21st. i'm experiencing tender br___ts and va___al dryness and maybe some nasuea


Grandpa Viv - April 27

So 4/21 is when you would most likely ovulate on a 28 day cycle. Did you use protection? Early signs five days later would be encouraging. Test no earlier than Sunday first morning pee, and repeat a week later if necessary. Good luck!


firerose78 - April 28

I would say it is kinda hard at this point to say either way as you could be having PMS symptoms as well. Both Pre AF symptoms and early pg are very similiar. Good Luck!


connie30068 - April 30

i my name is connie and i have a?i had my period on 01/25/09 and it was for 7days and then i had it on the 02/19/09 and it only last for 4days and 2days light pink.ok then i got my period on the 03/17/09 and it was so bad i had blood clots size of a nickle.and this time it was suppose to come on 04/11/09 but it didn't come untile 04/18/09 so i was a week late and i didn't have no blood clots and i was not bleeding heavy at all it was real light and i didn't have any cramps and i be craving all throgh the month and i sleep alot and some time so cane sombody please help me!!!!!!please


Grandpa Viv - May 1

Connie, it's best to start your own thread with Click here to Ask YOUR Question, but anyway ... I wonder if you got pregnant about Feb 8th and miscarried Mar 17th, got pregnant again at the beginning of April with signs of a light period, tired, cravings, and cramps not usual. How about peeing more, lotion discharge, diarrhea, b___bs and nips different, emotions, smells, appet_te, dreams and other stuff? Take a Dollar Store home preg test Sunday morning first am pee, dip method. Good luck!


firerose78 - May 2

Connie, have you taken a test at all in any of this time? I would not go so far as to suggest that you had miscarried and would like to say that you should not think this is what has happened unless you have some substantial reason to believe so. Other wise you will drive yourself crazy and mourn a loss that didnt happen. I have had plenty of periods that had blood clots and alot of them with no possibility of being pregnant and also turn around and have a lighter period with no clots. Every period isnt the same. You cannot go based off this. When you say real light do you mean only panty liners or just lighter than previously? Are you trying to concieve?


connie30068 - May 2

thnaks grandpa viv....i dont no abot the miscarred because i been felling sick after all that had happen to me..only thing is that is that i get sick and eat alot and some time moodie and i sleep to and i been having the discharge coming out of me second week of has not stop.but thanks for answering my ?


connie30068 - May 2

thanks...firerose...i would say pantyliners.i am just so going out my mind i am gaining wieght and all i want to eat is nachos.and i have not took another test.i thank i am going to waite until my period come this month.and see how it is.and thank all of you for answering my question...


firerose78 - May 4

Good Luck! If anything and if you can go see a doc and let them know what has been going on.


taatum2 - May 5

so im normally on bc (monophasic) I had my period one week early and continued taking my pills untill end of pack. stopped for one week, had unprotectex s_x during tha week and then began my pills one day late. it is not quite 3 weeks since then and I am wondering if i could have become pregnant during this time? or if anyone has experienced the same thing and gotten pregnant?



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