Could I Be Pregnant Pls Answer

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COLLEEN - August 15

My boyfriend of 8 years and I had s_x around the time i was fertile. Over the last few weeks I have felt cramps in my uterus, My br___ts hurt for one day, I have felt a little sick but not too bad, I was getting headachs daily up until this past Monday, and now I am 2 days late. I want to wait a few more days to take a test but does anyone think I can be pregnant? I do want it but now I am scared because It's becoming so real to me. Thanks for any answers you can give me.


manda - August 11

sounds like you could be pregnant. good luck


tanya - August 11

sure sounds like you are pregnant i think it's time to take a test


J - August 11

A headache is NOT a pregnancy symptom. Aside from that, it's very likely you could be pregnant. Get a blood test done - if you are pregnant a blood test cannot come up as negative, but a urine test can.


Melissa - August 11

Actually, a headache can very well be a symptom of pregnancy. I am pregnant with my 3rd and only get headaches when I am pregnant. A blood test can be negative, as well as a urine test. You should test ASAP! Good Luck!


ssw - August 12

i would take a test im in the same situation but still waiting to see if i get my period i hope not but take a test in three more days at time it should come back positive


melissa you are wrong - August 12

headaches are not pregnancy signs. they are just what they are, headaches. you don't get headaches because you are pregnant. melissa, please do not post when you have no idea what you are talking about. thank you.


ssw - August 12

Everybody has differnt signs of preg. just because it may have not been one of yourse does not mean it is not a cause. doctors do say that some woemn can experience this


Melissa (Samantha) - August 12

Melissa is right maybe its not a symptom but i also only get headachs when i am pregnant so who ever wrote that need to keep their moutn shut until they have been there and experianced that!!!


manda - August 15

I know alot of ladies who get headachs when there pregnant, And J you are one rude person


Diane - August 15

To all of those who shared their "advice/s", please make sure that it's beneficial to the one asking because if you'll be saying rude things then're not helping at all.


to J - August 15

First of all, Melissa is right about headaches being a probable sign/symptom of pregnancy. It's due to increasing blood volume circulating, and when we have that, that means we have more fluid in our blood vessels. The vessels in our craniums/heads don't like to expand since they are extremely pressure sensitive, AND when they do expand from the extra blood volume, VOILA, pregnant women can get headaches. Also, a blood serum pregnancy test for HCG, can read a false negative, perhaps even a couple of times before the actual result IS positive. I do know what I'm talking about since I am a medical professional. People, before you say someone is wrong, then you need to KNOW what you're talking about.



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