Could I Be Pregnant Plz Help

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Brittney2k5 - April 3

Plz help and tell me what you think. My last period was on March 16th. I had unprotected s_x March 24th, 25th, 26th. On the 28th I was really sick to my stomach all day and that was it I didnt feel like I had the flu or anything. The days after that I noticed I had increased discharge. Last night the, 2nd I started getting light cramps but it only lasted for like 5- 10 min. and thought I was starting my period but never did. This morning I stared getting really mild cramps it just kinda felt like a little pressure on my stomach and brown discharge. Im not regular, my cycles are 20-26 days long but very very rarely it could be less. If this is my period then it would be a 18 day cycle and I only had that happen once or twice. Plz tell me what you think, Should I be worring. Thanx lots :)


corinne - April 3

You ovulated from 27-30 of march if your cycle is regular and you have a 28 day cycle. Which means that the way your feeling could just be from ovulation. Doubt that its due to pregnancy.


Ceno - April 3

To be honest with you, since your cycles are short, you should be ovulating a lot earlier than other women. Since you had unprotected s_x shortly after having your period, then you might have conceived. This is because you have such a short cycle and could have ovulated early. The feeling sick that one day was probably a day bug. The increased discharge thereafter couild mean that you ovulated within a few days AFTER you have unprotected s_x. So the chance is there. Take an HPT by this coming up Mon. Good luck.


Tillie - April 3

I think you could definitely be pregnant. I had all those symptoms days later, too, and in terms of timing--8 days after your LMP--it's very possible. I'm a__suming that because you had unprotected s_x three days in a row that you're very much trying to get pregnant. So, congratulations!


Brittney2k5 - April 3

Thanx for the help! Yes I have been trying for a while, Im so excited because this is definently not normal for me. I dont want to get my hopes up but after reading about other ppl and implantation it makes it make em a lil higher, because that sounds like whats going on with me : )


Stace - April 3

I had pain and discharge during implantation so there's a good chance this could be it. I wish you every success.


ariete0416 - April 4

My case sounds a lot like yours, I too was not regular, had mild cramps where I thought I was getting my period and never did and I also had some c___ps and discharge during my implantion as well, which happened two weeks after my husband and I had s_x. We are now 22 weeks pregnant and couldn't be happier so if you are trying I hope this is it for you as well!



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