Could I Be Pregnant Symptoms At 3 Weeks

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beth - March 5

i thought i was going to start my period; i had all the symptoms: sore br___ts, dull pains in my lower stomach, eating fatty foods and chocolate, bloating. But my period is now five days late. If I were pregnant, this would only be my third week. I looked up pregnancy symptoms and there arent any mention of symptoms till the 4th week and no mention of my symptoms till the 5th week (sore br___ts). I did have a metallic taste in my mouth for a coupld of days at the beginning of my third week. just wanted to know if any of you ladies had sore br___ts or any other symptoms of pregnancy in your third week.


PP - March 5

Welcome and actually if you have normal 28 day cycle you would be 5 weeks pregnant or close to that. They count by the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle. I would take a test.


Beth - March 5

i had really sore b___sts in my third week as i normally do before my period anyway. im 4 months now and they still hurt. i also had the same symptoms as you with the bloating, light cramping and chocolate. i would definately take a test but wait until your period is at least a few days late


Michaela - March 5

Dear Beth, Sore b___st occurs a about 2-4 DAYS after conception.I got sore b___st about a week before my period was due.Every pregnancy is different.You can have every symptom,only a few, or even none! Also, some women begin to bloat almost immediately after conception.Please take a pregnancy test it should work now!


lori - August 17

this is only my 3rd week and i have almost all the symptoms, i have had morning sickness, going to the restroom alot, eating differently, haveing cravings at 4:00 in the morning, but i took a pregnancy test tis morning and it was negative but i still think its wrong. so i would say we're both in the same boat.


MB - August 18

My last period was on July 9th. Im late! I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive. Do u think thats right, or is it too early to tell?


Lena - August 18

MB, its not too early to tell. You're pg. Congratulations!


dina - August 18

i also have a sharp pain kind of live a cramp i went to the doctor did a pregnacy test and told me i am about one or two weeks pregnant i did blood test yesterday and will get another one tomorrow because he said that pain is not normal and it could be an ECTOPIC PREGNANCY does anyone know anything about it. By the way my last perios started July 16th


Corrina - August 18

Hi beth I have just found out I'am pregnant and I Had sore b___st, stomach pain, I was eating Fatty food. You can find out from a doctor at 3 weeks I did. So good luck All the best.



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