Could I Have Squished Her

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CamysMama - May 19

I'm a first time poster here, and a first time mommy-to-be, about 5 1/2 months pregnant with our baby girl Camryn. Last night I was chasing one of my cats away from a plastic bag he was playing with, and I forgot to be careful when I bent over. I kind of pinched my big round belly between my thigh and my ribcage, and had one of those "oh no!" moments where you realize you really shouldn't have done it. Do you think I could have squished our baby, or hurt her in any way? I am super paranoid about harming her. Am I crazy?


Steph - May 19

Nope you've not hurt her in any way!! Your little girl is very protected in the womb and it would take a lot more than bending over the wrong way or even falling flat on your stomach to injure your baby. Try not to worry about it! :o)


CamysMama - May 19

Thank you Steph, Camryn was kicking just fine last night after the cat-chasing incident, but it took me a while to get over that feeling that I might have hurt her. I'm so glad to know she's safe in there, but I will definitely be more careful from now on!


tiffiny090180 - May 19

When I was HUGE 8 months pregnant with my third child I fell over dodging a stray firework in my yard on the Fourth. I fell squarely on my stomach on top of a cast iron chair, and it scared me to death!! My doctor a__sured me that it is nearly impossible to hurt that baby. But, it doesn't matter what pregnancy you are on, "Mom" and "paranoid" go hand-in-hand. All Mom's worry, that is our job. It just gets worse, believe me!!


livdea - May 19

your story remindes me of about 6.5 months pregnant, I randomly did a belly flop onto the bed...for what I thought was fun?...I don't know, after I realized that I just did a flying leap onto the bed I freaked out...called my mom, convinced I'd need to go to the hospital...she laughed and said girly was fine. I had a doctors appointment the next day and the dr said ... that it would take much more to hurt her then probably just squished her a little, gave her a jolt. No worries!


CamysMama - May 20

It's good to know that babies are already pretty tough and can bounce back, even when they're still in the belly! I guess we'll never stop worrying about them, though. I never realized just how much of a paranoid I would become until I found out I was carrying Camy! Since then I've swung back and forth between extremely anxious and just overly concerned. I'd like to think that it will stop after the delivery, but I know it will just continue, especially after she learns to walk! Thank you gals for sharing your stories... it's so good to know I'm not the only one out there with an active anxiety for this precious little person inside.



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