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Bilmes123 - June 3

So I just had my baby about 6 months ago and after a month I started birthcontrol again. I started dating my boyfriend almost 2 months ago. We don't use protection and I'm now scared that I might be pregnant.... I have been feeling sick ( like pukey sick ) extreamly tired, cramps. But I feel different than when I was pregnant with my current baby. My last period did start when it was supposed to but was more like spotting than an actual period. I donno if its just stress making me feel this way or could I be pregnant? I'm a little scared that I might be. Just waiting to start my period this friday to see if I start it. I am still taking the pill even though I have this fear so would that hurt the baby if I am pregnant? I'm also scared because last time I was with my boyfriend I had a drink and I was sick so I had tylonal.


austynsmommy - June 3

It is possible. Have you taken a test? How long have you felt sick? I just found out i'm pregnant again not to long ago. I'm 11 weeks along. I thought I had my period in April but it wasn't my period. I spotted for 5 days when my period was actually due. My baby is also almost 6 months. Good luck.


Bilmes123 - June 3

I haven't taken a test yet, to scared too. I'm just going to wait until my period is supposed to be. If I have my period then I'm not pregnant. I just know that my parents will kick me out if I am and I don't know if I'm ready. I already discussed this with my bf before we became intimate but still donno how he would feel if I was pregnant.


MNMOM - June 3

take a test now, one of the sensitive ones you can take a few days you are supposed to get your period. You need to know if you are pregnant because if you are, you need to stop taking the pill immediately.


kimberly - June 3

You should test now being you are still on the pill. A sensitive test would tell. Do you religiously take your pill and do you take it around the same time everyday? Also antibiotics can interfere with the pill. The pill is not 100% especially if you don't take it properly but it is a reliable form of birth control so that being said it could be you are just having a off cycle probably caused by the pill. But, yes you need to take a test to be sure.


Bilmes123 - June 3

Yea I take it at 8am every morning give or take a few mins. I haven't taken any antibiotics for anything other than pain meds for a headache. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had sore b___bs and everything. Right now I'm just feeling sick and really tired. Right now my daughter is teething and crying a lot and I've been having stress at home with my parents and family so I think that could be why I feel really sick. I only have one more pill to take so I'm just going to take that and see what happens. They say the pill doesn't do anything if you are pregnant. I wouldn't beable to buy a test without my parents noticing or anything. Don't really wanna cause hell...


HappyAsh - June 3

I would think that since you take the pill like you should then you should be o.k. However, if you are so worried about being pregnant then a second source of protection wouldn't hurt. In my opinion you are probably just stressed b/c of lack of sleep with your baby, and nervous b/c you and your boyfriend are intimate. Keep us posted! And if you're not preggers, make sure you use enough protection.


Bilmes123 - June 9

Yea it was stress because I started my period on Saturday. But its not stress over my baby, just home life cause I live with my parents and my sister and her baby and my sister is just such a big Bi*ch and its just so cramped in this house and also stressing about finding a job because I need to make more money because maternity leave is giving me nothing. job = moving out which = less stress.


HappyAsh - June 10

I hear ya! I hope this happens for you soon.



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