Could It Be The Baby

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raye lynn - April 5

Hey everyone, i have been feeling spurts of "itching" in very isolated areas of my lower abdomen. I have felt it mostly on my right about 2 inches over and 1 inch down from my belly button and on the left about an inch over and below the belly button. It lasts for a few seconds, goes away and comes back. is this stretching of the skin or baby? I am overweight and from what i have read, shouldn't be able to "feel" the baby till later. I am 16 weeks now. thanks.


L - April 5

I am suspecting I am pregant and I get the same thing as well as pinchy feeling, although I wuoldnot be as far along, I think if n e thing, can it be the uterus stretching?


Raye Lynn - April 5

can anyone help us out?


tara - April 5

hi raye lynn, if you feel this on the out side it is the skin stretching. Try lotion up as much as you can so keep it moist and it will reduce the itching a bit and also helps with stertch marks. If it's from the inside it can be the uterus streching - it happened to me at 18 weeks but it was more painful than itching. As for L, how far along do you think you are? If you are early it's too soon for the uterus to be stretching just yet. Do you feel this inside or out - or both?


Lou - April 6

What you are feeling is the stretching of the skin it is normal and you will continue to feel this throught out the pregnancy.Just remeber not to scratch it will only let the strechmarks come through


chamz - April 6

I'm suspecting i am pregnat becuase i feel all the pregnancy sypmtom at the same time my stomach keep growing and i took a pregnancy test on february and it came out negative so i try again on march and it came out positive but last day of march i got blood red color after some day its brown.i went to doctor for my first ultrasound and they dont find any live fetus so i will try to go to other gynekolog again tomorrow.does anyone here have the same experience with me?do u think i got miscarrieg or it could be the ultrasound could be wrong? wish me luck tomorrow and wish you all the best here too!


~m~ - April 6

Ditto. Sounds like skin stretching. Make sure to keep yourself moisturized. That should reduce the itching. Good luck! :o)



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