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hylian1 - February 12

It has been just slightly 3 months since my girlfriend and i.. yeah. Since then, she hasn't missed not one single period. Her periods have been a bit shorter though, but just as heavy. But in November, she was having all the symptoms for a little while, then they all just suddenly disappeared. Weeks later, she used pregnancy tests, but each came back negative. But since she hasn't missed ANY periods (even though they have been a bit shorter) is it possile that she is / can be pregant?


lilmama - February 12

It is possible for a woman to have her period while pregnant, but if she had negative tests, it may have just been too soon to tell. I would say to test again now and see what happens. It is probably unlikley that she is pregnant though. I would test just for peace of mind though


Maleficent - February 12

i highly doubt that she's pregnant. it's very possible to worry so much that you start to have symptoms. i did that when we were trying to get pregnant with baby number 2. had symptoms but was not pregnant. when i finally WAS pregnant i had NO symptoms, just the positive test. concider yourselves lucky this time and get some birth controll.


tiffani - February 12

Always a possibility, but in this case sooooooooo unlikely.


Hylian1 - February 12

Thank you all so much for answering. I'm a BIT relieved now. What you think the chances are percentage wise for her being pregnant?


tiffani - February 12

Slim to none, about 5%, if that.


hylian1 - February 13

Well, i have yet another question. My girlfriend normally gets her period toward the end of every month. Well, just before she gets it, she says she has ALWAYS gotten this strange burning feeling or something in her stomach. Well, earlier today, she got that same feeling and it isn't time for her period for another 2 weeks now. What does this mean? She doesn't recall this ever happening before.


tiffani - February 13

Seriously, stop worrying about this. You haven't had s_x in 3 months, she's had all her periods, and all the pregnncy tests came back negative. If the complete opposite were true, then yeah, i'd worry, but everything you've mentioned screams she's not pregnant. Any burning feeling is either in her head or in need of a doctors care if it keeps occuring. I have 2 kids and am 31 years old, I have never had a burning feeling before my period or when I was pregnant. Relax & from now on when you have s_x make sure she's on birth control, you wear a condom, and pull out when you ejaculate, so you won't have to worry so much about the "what ifs." Take care.


hylian1 - February 14

I'm sorry. But it's really hard not to worry. That's why I keep on. I mean, she sort of even does LOOK pregnant. I am going to buy some more pregnancy tests later today for her to use to see how the results come back this go 'round. god, i really hope she isn't. From what you're saying it's nearly impossible for her to be, so that IS encouraging. As far as I know of, she hasn't been having any other symptoms. She has been craving lots and lots of chocolate for a while now. And has just continuoesly been eating (like today), even when she was already full. Idk if that means anything or not, but still. And I really really do appreciate all of you alls' answers.


Hylian1 - February 17

Pregnancy Test one was NEGATIVE!! W007! ^_^



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