Could This Mean Labor Pls Answer Asap

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jewelz - August 19

i am 36 weeks preg with my first child. in the past 2 days i have noticed my belly dropped drasticly, i have a brown tinged discharge in my panties and i have spent a night up with what i believe is false labor. could this mean labor is coming in the very near future and if so can this pose health risks to my child as he/she is not yet 40 weeks.


Lisa*9 - August 19

No not necessary you body is getting ready for the labour. When you are 37 weeks your baby is considered full term. At 36 weeks it is just 1 week earlyI would not worry. One person had her baby early 5 weeks on this site her child is doing well. Not to worry. Sooner or later you will know the health of your baby after it is born. Hope the delivery goes well.


? - August 19

Shouldn't you call the doctor?


julie - August 19

my doc is away till monday


Kris - August 19

If your doc is away till monday I am sure there is someone in their place..?


julie - August 19

any more insight


tiffani~74 days to go!! - August 19

In your first pregnancy the baby usually drops up to 2 weeks before labor begins. It's just one of the signs. As far as the discharge, I would call your doctors office and speak with the nurse if he's out of the office. If you can't get any help that way, then call your hospital's labor and delivery ward and ask to speak to one of the nurses there. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I bet you have a lot longer than you think before the baby arrives.. And finally, at 36 weeks, the baby is fully formed and is highly unlikely to have any medical issues from being born 4 weeks early. Technically, 38-42 weeks is full term since all babies develop at different rates. :o)


julie - August 19

actually there is no one replacing her in her. she is away every friday. i just thought because this is only my first preg maybe someone with a little more experience could offer some insight as to whether these are signs that the baby is ready.


julie - August 19

i guess i am worrying too much because the doc has already told me the baby weighs approx 6 pounds thats sounds the norm doesn' t it


tiffani~74 days to go!! - August 19

Julie~ I think everything is okay with you. It's just your baby getting in the correct birthing position. Enjoy what little time you have left. :o)


chelsey - August 19

I think that I responded to your other post... but my baby was 5 weeks early, weighed 4 lbs 3oz. He's great! Very healthy, just small! If your baby is to be born any day, it'll be just fine! Also, my first born was only 5 lbs 9 oz.


julie - August 21

should i be going in to labor within the next 2 weeks



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