Could This Mean Preggers

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trying4number1 - July 9

: Alright ladies...I FINALLY figured out my cycle! I have a 38 day cycle - the first 5 of course are AF...DH and I have been trying for a baby for a while now! Well last month we thought for SURE we got the day but apparently we were wrong. So my last AF was May 31st til' June 4th. This month DH and I had LOTS going on...we had a big family camping trip over the time we thought I'd be we didn't Baby Dance since we had family all around but here are the Days we DID TRY! --------- June 10th (CD 11), June 22nd (CD 23), & TWICE on July 2nd (CD 33) ---------- Today I am on CD 40, so after today I am 2 days late. Is it possible since we didn't really "Try" this month it may have left us with less stress and became preggers???? Just wondering if there's a chance.....if not then my cycle was screwy this month! But any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated! -------- Thanks so much ladies!


Kendalyn - July 9

Of course it is possible! It always seems to happen when you stop trying to make it happen! Good luck and I hope it's good news!


Cate - July 10

It sure could have been because of that. The mind is a POWERFUL thing. For example...2 mos ago my period was 10 days late, and I never had a late period in my life (I am 34). SO I was so convienced with my regular periods that it body even stopped the period for a little bit. I am pregnant now, but you know what? This time I thought "You know what...I'm just gonna have a greattime with my hubby, and if I get pregnant fine. If I don't...we'll try again" Maybe lowering my stress worked.


trying4number1 - July 10

Oh Cate that great news! Congrats to you and your hubby! How exciting! ----------- Thanks Kendalyn! I'm really praying! :) Still no AF I figure I'll test next week sometime if there's still no AF!


mkayras - July 10

Very likely that you could be...if you have a 38 day cycle, you would O about cd 24. If you do get af, I would reccommend trying some OPK's to pinpoint the days that are most likely-It worked for me & DH after 3 months of OPK's instead of a calandar & hope...Either way, good luck!!!


trying4number1 - July 10

Thanks mkayras - we actually bought one last month but we waited to use is since we thought this past month was so busy - So we'll use it if we do get AF this month......but I'm hoping it won't show! *Fingers Crossed* Thanks for the thoughts & ideas ladies!


Cate - July 10

And don't forget to let us all know what happens trying4number1 . We're all rooting for you.


trying4number1 - July 10

I'll keep ya updated - still no AF! :) woohoo! I'll let ya know when I decide to test! I haven't been feeling well today and now I'm super tired!!! Might go and relax with my hubby :)


trying4number1 - July 11

Today is CD 42 for me.....4 days LATE!!! Yesterday I had a very upset stomach and was using the bathroom a lot for #2 (I don't want to go into any more detail than that) Today I had cramping like AF was coming - also had that a few days I just have a headache....b___sts were a little sore yesterday but now they're fine......I'm going to test later next week if AF doesn't show!!


Cate - July 11

Well it sure sounds like it's very possible. I lost my b___st soreness went away already I wouldn't let the one day thing scare you. ANyway since u are having symptoms it just very well could show up on a pregnancy test right now. If you don't have the money to spare though...I'd not risk it now. Just excited for ya ;)


trying4number1 - July 12

I think I'm going to test first thing tomorrow morning! ----- I just can't wait to find out! I'll keep ya updated....


Cate - July 12

It IS hard to wait. lol. You might save some money getting a double pack...I guess you'd lose some if it didn't show positive....but getting the double pack is cheaper than buying 2 seperate ones...if u think u might end up needing 2. Can't wait to find out...I'm excited with you! lol


Cate - July 12

I meant lose some if it did show positive...sorry. My brain is on "off" tonight.


trying4number1 - July 13

Hey Cate - I chickened out and didn't test today....I had to go soooo bad this morning and I felt crampy and I thought FOR SURE AF was I went, no AF and DH asked if I tested and of course said no.........SO if I don't have AF by then I think I'm going to test mon AM! I'm feeling so crampy now and earlier today I felt yucky (crampy, headache, & REALLY tired!) Last night and friday I went to be SO early I was just BEAT! I thought agin oh it's just AF - I normally and extra tired the day before.....but now I'm starting to wonder...I'm 6 days late as of we'll see, I'll let you know when/if I test tomorrow! :) Thanks for your support Cate!!!


Cate - July 14

You're very welcome...this is a hard time...the not knowing. It seems to last soooo long. lol. Well, you did the right thing...the longer you wait...the larger the chance to get an accurate result....but you knew that.


trying4number1 - July 14

Well I tested.....and got a neg. :( boooo......but still no AF so if there's still nothing by the weekend I'm going to re-test!



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