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Dale - January 5

i'm not sure where to place this so i will ask on here first, and if no one knows then i will try other places. i was wondering if any one has heard of retinal blastoma. i was born with it and in basic terms it means cancer of the eye. i ended up having one of my eyes removed because of it and i was lucky that they could save the other one. this was when i was like 5. now i'm 18 and i already have one child, but i gave her up for adoption and she is all clear, but i may be pregnant again. i was wondering if anyone knows about the transfer rate or basicly any information about it. my docters werent very helpful the first time so i figured why not try other places. thank you for any insight you can give me.


Dale - January 5

i am going to asume with the lack of answers no one knows anything about this? well thank you for your time.


To Dale - January 5

Hey there, I am sorry but no I have never heard anything about it. Have you tried looking up on the internet for any info? I am sorry that you are having this problem and I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted :o) HLY


Jessica - January 5

Well i took the time to look it up a little. and this is what i found. Causes: Retinal Blastoma is a cancer in which the tumor is located in either eye, resulting in the possible amputation of the eye. In Retinal Blastoma, a gene called Rb is loose from chromosome 13. The role of Rb in normal cells is to suppress tumor formation. Rb is found in all cells of the body. Under normal conditions, it acts as a brake on the cell division cycle by preventing certain regulatory proteins. If Rb is missing, a cell can replicate itself over and over again in an uncontrollable manner resulting in tumor formation. Symptoms/Effects: Sufferers of Retinal Blastoma are at constant risk of developing a brain tumor while being treated for the eye tumor. They also have an increased chance of developing other cancers. Facts/Statistics: ~ Retinal Blastoma occurs in children before the age of 5, though it most commonly occurs in infants. ~ Retinal Blastoma may occur in one or both eyes. If the tumor is in both eyes, the cause is hereditary. This website here also has a little more info. I am not sure if it helps any But this was the first time I had heard of it.


Medical Student - November 1

Hello Dale, The chance of getting it spontaneously us 1 in 20 million. That means if one's parent doesn't have the defect gene. Not much information, but hope this helps!



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