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Shaina - June 30

I just started what I think might be my period about a week early, today. I usually always get bad cramping when I am on my period and I am experiencing that today. Not horrible doubled over cramping but noticeable. I thought I was pregnant and I took a home pregnancy test which showed and Extremely light, but noticeable positive. If I did start my period today how can I be pregnant? and is cramping a bad sign? Because if I am pregnant I am only 2 1/2 -3 weeks along. Should I wait closer to the date of when I am supposed to start my period and take another test? The bleeding is not as heavy as it normally is on my first day, but its enough to tell I'm bleeding. and there are no little clots, just light red bleeding. Please help me! This is a planned pregnancy.


Christina - June 30

Seems to me like it could be inplantation bleeding. Even a faint positive is a positive. I would wait until you are supposed to miss your period to test again. some cramping is normal during early pregnancy. I was cramping right around the time my period was due before I found out I was pregnant. I am now 32 weeks! :) Good luck!


Krys - June 30

Sounds like implantation to me too. I experienced that. I know it's hard when you've been trying and you get let down every month (been there), but this could be it! I would take another test in a couple days to confirm. Good luck!


Jodie - June 30

I had implantation bleeding with this pregnancy, my "period" arrived a day early and was completely normal, bleeding quite heavy and bad cramping but the next day nothing, i joked to my fiance that it was implantation bleeding but for some reason i honestly thought my period would start again the next day


Shaina - June 30

Thank you all so much for you responses! It really helps to relax me when I know that I'm not the only one who is going through some of this. This will be my husband and I's first child and I am SO excited about it, to much to the point where I'm worrying about everything, and you all really helped ease my mind a little! Thank you so much!


Shaina - July 1

I've heard of implantation bleeding but that's usually really light bleeding isn't it? Because my bleeding is heavier now, and I am pa__sing small little clots. This is day 2....could I be menstruating and pregnant?



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