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nicole - April 23

im almost 34 weeks, and i "fell" a couple days ago onto the side of my bed. and ever since then i cant seem to stop cramping. the baby is moving fine, and i went to the doctor yesterday and they monitored me and did an u/s and said everything was fine. but the whole time i was on the monitor i didnt have one cramp so they dont actually know if theses are minor contractions or not. but anyhow, sometimes they can be reeeeealy painful and others just like a period cramp. so im curious if these means im preparing to deliver soon or what?


nicole - April 24

any advice......anyone??????


nicole - April 24



Maddie - April 24

I'm sorry Nicole. I don't know what to say. I'd like to read some comments on someone who went through a similar situation, or who knows more about cramping in this stage of preg, cause I'm 32 weeks. Good luck sweety.


jdkjsdd - April 25

I wish I knew.


Candy - April 25

I'm currently 40 weeks and 1 day and I've had cramps now since about 37 weeks. It feels like my period is going to start. My doctor said this is the very beginnings of labor, braxton hicks. I would ask your doctor if they can check your cervix for early dilation.


babyonboard - April 25

Do not worry, you will be fine whatwever happens, just stay in tune with your body, and any time you feel very scared go straight to the hospital. I have found this the best method for dealing with any health worries, as ofetn g.p's are unsympathetic and try not to refer you elsewhere. if it helps, and I'm sure you wouldn't like a premature labour but here are some presonal succes stories. my little brother was deliverd via placenta previa at 32 weeks, is now 19 in college and healthier then should be allowed!he never even gets a cold dam him1he sisster born at 35 weeks with a hole 9 in her heart is now 9 and absolutely healthy...and to an exteme, my aunts bqabies were born at 26 weeks (twins following ivf), sadly nathan died four weeks after birth due to lung failure, but daniel is a beautiful bouncing one year old baby with absolutely noraml developement (just a little behind what is expected for his age, as you would imaging being so early)..please do not worry...if your pract_tioners are not worried then neither should you be, try to relax and remember preterm birth is not the end of the world.


jdfksbf - April 25

Lol! Oh my god! Your poor mother indeed! :-)


to nicole - April 25

they are probably braxton hicks contractions, just your body getting itself "ready" for labor. If they start to get stronger I would see your dr again. Good luck!


ivy - April 26

You'll be fine, you are almost at the other side of the tunel. good luck!!



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