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BlueJeanGirl7036 - June 2

Sorry for not logging on for a while, I lost my password to my email address. So if I didn't write back that was the reason being. But again I feel as if I am back at square one. Not pregnant, I think. Hope to be though. I got my last period on April 28, 2009. It ended on May 4, 2009. I used a calculator, actually more than 3 calculators, and they all said I should be getting my period around May 27th, 2009. No period. Nothing. But I do have cramps. Not every day. They started around the day I was due, and I am still getting them every other day. I usually get my period when the cramps start. But, no period. I hope it doesn't come, but I have a feeling it will because of the cramps. I know I should take a test seeing that I am a week late, but I feel like it will be negative like the rest. I was wondering if cramps could be a pregnancy symptom or if my period is just late. Well, really late. Going to wait til the second week its late to test. Any advice?


HappyAsh - June 3

Yes cramps can be a pregnancy symptom. You should take a test.


BlueJeanGirl7036 - June 4

Two positive pregnancy tests. Seeing the doctor tomorrow, wish me luck.


missarose22 - June 5

That's awesome! What was the outcome of the appointment? Are congrats in order?


HappyAsh - June 5



kmturner - June 6

Congratulations!!!! Thats so relieving to hear!! Im so tired of reading about people that are sure they are pregnant and then sadly find out they aren't. Thats the boat I am in. My last period was early April. I missed about 6 birth control pills and realized after unprotected intercourse. I had spotting for 2 days after that. (Could be implantation bleeding, I have never spotted before). I took a HPT a few days after intercourse (on a monday) because I was expending my period that coming friday, May 8th (EPT, and I was hoping i could see accurate results 5 Days sooner.- Negative. But still no period. I took another one the day after my missed period-Negative. I waited another week and still no period that following friday May 15th. Still Negative. I went to the Dr. for a blood test that next friday May 22. (Now 2 weeks late) she took a pee test, and it came back negative too. She said blood test wasn't necessary. and to wait 2 more weeks. Well... two weeks ended yesterday and I still don't have a period. To recap: I am a month and a day LATE the last time I had a period was 2months ago. I have symptoms- I don't crave food anymore, actually I am more turned off to it than anything (not like me AT ALL), I had headaches for about 3 weeks straight EVERYDAY. Extremely tired in the previous weeks, and light headed. But what is most prevalent to me is how ga__sy and crampy I have been. I keep thinking, no this is my period- and its not. I have cramps and pressure every single day, throughout the whole day. I keep waiting for tell tale pregnancy signs to come, like morning sickness and b___st tenderness. I hate that this is a waiting game, and honestly, I am nervous to take another HPT because I have pretty much accepted the fact that I am pregnant, and I am not sure if I am ready for disappointment.


BlueJeanGirl7036 - June 9

make that 3 positive tests! I wasn't using any protection. But then again It is a shock because my a1c was high. I finally got it under control so I guess it makes sense. :[ Kind of scared, but 6 weeks. Due in FEB 2010..


BreeWoot - June 10

I am 9 weeks and 5 days due in early Jan 2010. I am so excited, Only bad thing is my boyfriend always wants to have s_x which is ok I guess but after s_x I have cramps bad I've been told it is normal but it still turns me off from doing it. I worry alot about losing the baby since it has happen before. Dose the cramping happen to anyone else?


HappyAsh - June 10

kmturner, It is b/c of the pill that you are having weird symptoms. It messes with your hormones. Some women don't get a period for months and months after coming off the pill. Hope this helps.



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