Cramps While Pregnant Normal

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Shari - February 12

I have a 2 year old daughter and when I was pregnant with her, had very strong cramps. I had an ultrasound and also HCG tests to make sure the hormone levels were rising normally. All went well but I was scared till the second trimester. I am now pregnant again and the cramps are back again, but this time I try to ignore them, and since I am busy running after my daughter, I cannot remember to move carefully, so I must hope all will be well. Good luck to all of you.


Becky - February 13

I'm still not sure if I'm prego (hope so). AF was due on the 10th, but didn't come. Have had almost every symptom in the book, and then some (except for darkening veins). Last night (the 11th) I started spotting, and then today (the 12th) I was bleeding like AF came (only not as heavy, and a lot more brown that usual, but more than spotting). I was cramping really bad, but didn't want to take any meds in case I was pregnant. I don't know how long my AF cramps usually last because I Advil them away ;) I was exhausted and nauseous too, so I took a nap and after an hour wasn't too tired and cramps had settled down, though there was a bit stil every now and then, but not as severe at all. Bleeding is down to a trickle tonight, so wasn't sure if it was AF or Implant bleeding. Then I got nausea again tonight (though didn't lose it ;)). AND when I checked a mirror, I noticed spider veins on my chest that hadn't been there before, and my normal blue veins were darker and a couple mroe in number. Also I noticed a few spider veins under by left eye, and my cheeks were flushed, though I wasn't hot. Any thoughts?


Becky - February 13

oh, and no more cramps anymore tonight for the past few hours.


Sonia - February 13

hi everyone i am so glad and relieved that cramps are normal after 7 years of trying for a baby we got pregnant with frozen embryos, i have been having severe cramps from before i wa due to start so i didn't bother doing a pregnanc test because i thought i wasn't preg. but on the day of my period i had light spotting and then nothing for three days but still loads of cramps and AF type feelings i decided to test after a few days it was positive, we couldn't believe it so decided to get hcg level test done, turned out positive again and we were told that i was very preg. i stil have been having bad af type cramps and have been told that it is normal but as i have never been through this before i am aware of every twinge, pain and pull going on down there, i am still scard even though i can so tell it's normal now by reading this great site, good luck to everyone, we are actually normal in feeling these cramps.


Sonia - February 13

is anyone having any discharge, because i did yesterday like a very light brown type but no pain at that time it was only there for about half hour then dried up, is this normal, anyone please help, i'm six weeks now and i can't stand another six weeks of going to the toilet each second to check if I have come on or not.


Jamie - February 14

For the most part this is very comforting. I too am expereincing dull cramps, like I'm about to start my period any minute. My first ultrasound isn't scheduled for another week, but from all indications, I think I'm about 6 weeks along. I've had these dull cramps for a few days, but have had a light spotting as well. The spotting last for a very brief time, just a few minutes and then goes away, but the dull cramps continue. Has anyone had ths? I"m a little scared, yet it sounds like many of these feelings are normal.


Jami - February 15

I think that I am in the same "boat" as most of you. My first ultrasound isn't until 2/21. Based on my period, I should be about 6 wks along. I am having some b___st tenderness, a little bit of nausea and fatigue, but the worrisome symptom is the abnominal cramping. For two weeks before I was supposed to get my period, I was feeling the cramping. I have been "spotting" since 2/10. It was noticeable for a day and a pads necessary or anything. Now, it is just the occasional fluid, brown spot in my panties. I am so nervous, I can't stop going to the bathroom to check. My Doc has squeezed me in for this coming Thursday, but in the meantime, I keep taking pregnancy tests...seriously everyday, just to confirm that I am still pregnant. What do you think?


cathy - February 16

this is my 8th pregnancy with 5 miscarriages,1 stillborn and thank god my daughter and now pregnant again at about 8wks.there is a great book on the market called 9mths and takes you threw every stage of every month of your pregnancy,it tells you even about the cramping which is at this stage normal.a miscarriage cramp is far worse and the blleding is non stop and bright red with are going threw the lets make room for me mommy stage,be thankful the stretching is worse at the 4mth,lol.


John Doe - February 18

My girlfriend is now 9 weeks pregnant for the first time but has been experiencing cramps. When she was 6 weeks pregnant she was spotting, two weeks after she had an ultrasound and Dr. could not find a heartbeat he could only see the sac in which the baby is in. Can anyone suggest anything or recommend anything? HELP PLEASE!


To John Doe - February 18

Did the Dr suggest that she may be having a miscarriage? The same thing happened to me twice when I miscarried.


charlene - February 24

I am also having cramps and I am just 6 weeks on 2/21


P - February 24

Mild cramping, while very disturbing, is fairly normal as long as there is no bleeding or pa__sing of tissue. Try not to worry. And the joys of "morning" sickness are such that if you actually throw up you might feel some sort of relief. Can't have that, so we'll just make sure she's good and uncomfortable ALL day long and since we call it "morning sickness" she'll never see it coming!! Lol. It's gross but it should pa__s before too long.


s - February 24

Hello to everyone who's having cramps and some light discharge, I too had discharge and am still having cramps, have an u/s done today am 7 and 1/2 weeks, doctor saw the baby and heartbeat so all is ok, don't worry this is perfectly normal, i know it's hard not to worry but I drove my doctor mad with phone calls every day for the last two weeks with questions on cramps, even with to casualty department and got checked out there, who said the same thing.


laura - February 24

Iam also having cramps, very mild, but their there. I am about 4 weeks 4 days, and yesterday my doctor let me have an ultrasound for a more accurate due date. Judging by my sac iam 4weeks and due on oct 29th. I have had no bleeding, but she couldn't tell me if there was a heart beat or anything because all we could see was the sac in which the baby is suppost to be growing in..... I just read about another person saying all they can see is the sac.... and a response of " did you think she could be having a misscarriage? "it happened to my 2ce" this is really scary to hear... does anyone have ANY answers to this...... has anyone only been able to see the sac in the begining ultrasound. and there baby been fine????/ PLEASE HELP.......


D - February 24

Laura - You are still too early to see anything much. I had my first u/s at 5w4d, and all we could see was a little shadow in the sac. I've seen posts on this site that say they've not seen anything but a sac or yolk sac up to 7w or so.


D - February 24

Laura - check out some of the posts on the First Trimester thread. There are quite a few about this.



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