Craving Carbohydrates

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Linda - March 30

Has anyone else developed a craving for toast and bread? I know it isn't that unusual and I always loved carbohydrate based foods before I was pregnant, but I seem to want toast covered in butter all the time. I can go days where I have it for breakfast lunch and when I get in from work! Hope it isn't too bad for me!


Heidi - March 30

I craved carbs too. I ate tons of pasta as it seemed to settle my stomach, as well as toast and peanut b___ter. Now that my morning sickness is gone, I quit craving that kind of stuff and prefer lighter foods etc.


jackie - March 30

I crave wet sponges when im in the bath, i will sometimes just suck on them or i will smell them and sometimes i will even eat them. Yes i know i am sick in the head but you can't help what you crave.


Heidi - March 30

HUH??? Do you seriously EAT a sponge???? I was told that if you crave weird non-food items that it's a sign that you're lacking a mineral and to call your doc. Some women claim to want to eat gravel, drink bleach, etc. I would think there's a lot of bacteria in those sponges you're eating!!!!!


To Jackie - March 30

I heard the same thing as Heidi. You should go see a doctor about that. Eating a sponge can't be good for you. Especially if your eating one that has been in the bathtub... talk about bacteria...... eww!


jackie - March 30

unfortunately when i get the craving anything could be on it, it would not bother me at all. I have discussed it with my midwife and she said as long as it is not all the time it will not affect the baby at all.


jackie - March 30

its not as bad as drinking bleach.


jackie - March 30

also i forgot to add, i had the same craving with my last daughter and she is fine.


Heidi - March 30

Try some of those scented ones from the bath and body works place. Ha ha!


jackie - March 30

i think i might because pink ones are starting to get a bit boring.


lalya - April 5

jakie-omg when i was pregnant with my first son i craved for sponges too!!! used to suck the water out of them and chew chew chew and also buy new sponges and sniff them!!! ive never known anyone else to have had this!!!


tiffani - April 5

Linda~ Carbohydrates are very good for you and your baby. I'm the opposite, I have to force myself to eat bread, this week anyways. :o)


Maleficent - April 5

carbs are good for you! it's the fuel that our bodies were desinged to run on. the only trick to it is to get more good carbs and less bad carbs. carbs in breads and fruits are great. even better if your eating whole grain breads. i'm all about toast this pregnancy too. yummy!


Petra - April 5

With my first I was craving Cheeto's and woth number two I could not get enough of the hash brown pie at TGIFriday's. I ate it everyday I had to work. I worked at an airport which had an TGIF...



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