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Kenya mama - April 20

With my previous pregnancy, I hardly got any cravings, but this one is SO different! I have eaten a whole jar of pickles and love spaghetti which I could normally do without. Salsa is another one, but I always love salsa, so I don't know if that counts. Anyone else have interesting food cravings?


Heidi - April 20

Now that I'm in my second trimester I don't crave things as much or eat as much but in the first trimester I'd come home from work every day and lay out some tortilla chips and put shredded cheddar cheese on them, nuke them in the microwave till it melted and then I'd mix sour cream and taco seasoning together and get a jar of salsa and dip the cheesy chips into both dips. Yum! I did that almost every day with a big gla__s of milk! I'd eat almost anything that wasn't glued down, until the morning sickness kicked in.


Davida - April 20

Chinese food! And Saturday morning I woke up with a need for corn dogs! I've never had one in my life but suddenly I couldn't live without them! And can we talk about breakfast!!! It used to be just coffee and a bagel now it's 2 eggs, homefires and toast....ok and an apple muffin! I was late getting up yesterday and didn't have time to stop for my usual breafast and I was a mess all day!!! LOL!!!


Carol - April 20

Any thing that is a carb - mostly potatoes ( and I never eat them), rice, and I can't get enough of Kraft spiral macaroni and cheese - I eat the whole box! Love it and crave it ALL the time. Just typing this makes me want to go get a box and I just ate lunch!


leslie - April 20

a sandwish with a whole avocado, nothing else just bread and avocado..


Jen - April 21

When I was first pregnant with my son I craved fried egg sandwiches with catsup. Black licorice and strawberries were also big ones.


Maleficent - April 21

when i was pregnant with my daughter i craved green olives dipped in cake frosting. ick! i cant believe i actually ate that. when i was pregnant with my son i could not get enough french onion dip, i ate it with just about everything. this time around my only wierd craving has been for spagettio's, cold and right out of the can. i'm a freak.


babyonboard - April 21

for me its pickles...beetroot..onions..chillis..anything! but mainly jolly ranchers..which i'm so annoyed you can't even get in the u.k anymore! Im tempted to go on holiday to america just to stock up


Justine - April 21

Loads of them. Before I'd done my pregnancy test I had cravings from avocados (which I never eat) and beans on toast. More recently I've craved hamburgers (esp. Big Mac) - I sent my husband out for one at 1am in the morning on Saturday and bless him he went! Also craved lychee/fruit, putting lemon/lime juice in water and fizzy sping water. Wierdest one was nectarines in curry sauce - my husband wouldn't let me do that one though. Its odd how sometimes what your craved early on, you don't like now.


Davida - April 21

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I ate a pint of ice cream every day for 40 wks! She can't stand the stuff!!! It is funny how the body works!


Jenn... - April 21

I don't have too many cravings, not consistent ones at least. I want chocolate all the time, but I've really always been that way - I just can't say no now. Sometimes I get a major craving for ketchup!!! And I will eat anything in the kitchen that looks like it might go well smoothered in ketchup!


Lynn - April 21

I crave refried beans & I HATE refried beans - they are so nasty. I also crave a lot of other things, but due to morning sickness, once I take a bite, I can't eat anymore. Jolly ranchers too... lucky for me I'm in the U.S. and have no problem getting them.


kenya mama - April 21

Those are GREAT! I love how nasty some of the things are that we can't live without! Thanks for hopping in on this thread and sharing. Congrats and best of luck to all!



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