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KIM - September 14

What are your cravings... When I first got preggo I wanted Subway, then Pizza...then fruit salad ,and now I don't want anything because I feel nauseated although it never leads to vomiting.


TEIGAN - September 14

with my first little boy, i wanted pizza and donna kebabs, all the time, as soon as i gave birth it mae me feel sick, but with this one i cant stand fatty stuff, and even bring back sausages as nothing will settle, i deffinatley think its a girl this time, but dont care either way xx


Scoobymommy - September 14

With my first son it was A&W Rootbeer-all the time, I even smuggled it into the house so I wouldn't have to share! This time, my hubby got the cravings-stuff like bananas and onion bagels(yep, together) and roast beef. It's funny, cause he will just be sitting there and all of the sudden he's jumping up to go get a banana. We are probably the biggest supporters of the banana industry right now!


jb - September 14

I crave anything with alot of carbs. Especially pizza, pasta, and bread.


tiffani~48 days to go!! - September 14

Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice soup and a Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich from Panera Bread! Gotta have it! Also have to have Nachos with lots of jalapenos and sour cream! And then there's homemade brownies with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and chocolate Cool Whip on top!! I also crave soda quite a bit. :o)


nhb - September 14

Pizza, pizza, pizza. And ice cream. And strawberry anything (jam is a particular favorite at the moment). It has to have real strawberries though . . . not just flavored. Pizza most definitely. I'm craving some right now actually . . . too bad I can't get any for lunch today!


leslie - September 14

well I crave ice, dirt and chalk! ohh how much I wish chalk was eatable! I know this may be a sign of PICA.. I plan on telling my doctor on next week's appt. .. but for now I can only wish I had some other craving that I could eat... I guess I can chew on ice 24/7 :)


Kris - September 14

almost my whole pregnancy the biggest thing I have been craving is juicy fruits! like watermelon, peaches, grapes..and they have to be really cold! And also popsicles is a big one! Actually pretty much anything juicey and cold!! haha =D


*M* - September 14

With my first son I craved Martin's BBQ chips and with this one where do I begin the list. Ice and Taco Bell are the top. Then I'd have to say the little barrel drinks for kids and flavor ice popsicles.


Lisa - September 14

Wholewheat spagetti with tomato sauce and lots of meat; sour jubes; gummy worms; potatoe salad; duck; root beer; Wendy's spicy chicken and biggie fries and real buffalo burgers...oh, also homemade french fries with malt vinegar.


Tasha - September 21

I think I've ate pizza more in the last 4 weeks then in the entire prior year. My mom's homemade roast beef, masted potatoes and gravy. Yummy toasted blueberry bagels.... now I 'm just making myself very hungry, off to the kitchen I go!!


Candyce - September 21

Salmon...(yummy), fruit mostly mangos & strawberries & saland


Taz - September 21

Mongolian Beef, driving my co-workers crazy eating Chinese food about 2 times a week, smell the whole office up. Cheese dip from this great Mexican place near me, greek salads, which i also craved w/ first son; McDonald's fries, just can't beat those. Huge fan of Pizza as well. First son weighed almost 9 pound at birth so it's safe to say this one will come out ready to eat stake too...


Tracy - September 21

I am in the Pizza crowd too!! I must say I am also craving an orea cookie dessert that my sister makes me. It is getting really bad. I told my 4 year old son that it was to late for him to have any because I wanted it all!! I feel terrible about it now; it may because I have eaten all. My poor little angel!!! At the moment I am craving McDonalds yummy!!!!!!! Just out of curiosity what is everyone having. I am having a girl; 9 more weeks!!


Taz - September 21

Having my 2nd boy, i'm at 22 weeks, first born son will be 4 on Sunday. Oh and I just ate Mongolian Beef....they don't even ask me what i want anymore, i walk in and the lady goes to the back and gets it ready, gave me extra fried rice today...Yea....bad thing about chinese food though, i'll be hungry again in a couple of hours.....


shannonc - September 21

are you allowed to eat beef jerky when your preggo? i just ate about a 1/2 bag. then i thought oh no! maybe i am not suppose to eating this! someone answer me quick so i can eat the rest it


Shannon you're too - September 21

funny, I think you're okay on the jerky, might end up w/ the poops. Only thing i can think of would be the high salt content....happy munching, don't pull any teeth out, i love jerky too...



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