Crazy Sister In Law Help Please

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Kelli - August 31

ok, so here's my story. My Husband's Brother's wife (Sister-in-law) is the most obnoxious woman in the world! I'm 19 yrs old and she is 22. She just had a baby in May. I was so happy for them. I've wanted a child since i got married and we've been trying. The baby was only 2 days old and she told me " just wait till your a mother, it's hard work." SHE'S BEEN A MOTHER FOR 2 DAYS! anyways, I got pregnant in june and the whole family was so excited but she seemed distant from me like she didn't want to talk to me. i had a miscarriage in july. I was so upset. the day I saw her she said "Well look at it this way, you wont have to deal with one of these now" and she pointed to my niece. how could she say that to me?!?!? I am not even kidding! now she's been basically rubbing it in my face that she has a child and I don't... does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this kind of person?? my husband and mother-in-law know how she is but we don't want to upset my brother-in-law and start a big family thing. can anyone help me?


Shannon - August 31

Have you thought about talking directly to her about her behavior? She might be envious that you DONT have a child yet...they are hard work! She also could be experiencing a bit of postpartum depression. Kids can make anyone a little crazy now and then. Be gentle, but let her know how you feel. Hope I could help!


Angie - August 31

This might be your sister-in-law's way of encouraging you not to get pregnant because she does not want any attention taken away from her and her baby. If you get pregnant that will happen. My sister-in-law can't have children but her husband has four from a prior marriage. When she found out I was pregnant she got really quiet and just simply started ignoring me. When she did make comments they were things like she didn't know why I would want kids, etc. and they are alot of work (they only have the kids 2 weekends a month- How much work can that be). Anyway, I have since miscarried and things are back to normal. She treats me like her best friend and has stopped making the comments. However, she never once told me she was sorry for my lose. If you don't want to talk to her about it just try to ignore it.


Brittney - August 31

There is just people out in the world that are just ignorant and they are just so ugly! I think she just doesn't want the attention taken off of her nor her baby. Just don't let it bother you!...I am sorry for your loss, I know that doesn't mean much...with such a big loss. But just look over your sister-in-law, don't let her get you down. Hopefully things will turn out fine!



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