Crunches While Pg

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aggie03 - May 1

Is anyone continuing their ab workouts now pg? I havent since I found out, but feel like my stomach has gotten "looser". When do your ab muscles start to separate?


Been There - May 3

I think keeping in shape is good, but it's probably good to not worry about the stomach crunches anyway. After all, you won't be able to do them through most of your pregnancy. It will most likely hurt. You'll have plenty of time to get yourself back in shape after you deliver.


livdea - May 3

Actually, I've been working my abs out a lot. Those muscles are what helps you push the baby out. I did crunches until about five months and now I use weights to strengthen them and I also sit on the exercise ball and do exercises on that as well. I'm not so concerned about after delivery as I am during delivery, I want to be as strong as I can through out my entire body to get that baby out! From my Doctor to my personal trainer they've all said as long as I'm doing thing correctly and not hurting anything then it's all good and healthy for me!


livdea - May 3

Oh and I'm in my 7th month!


Trish# - May 3

I'm in my 6th month and still doing ab exercises. Like livdea, I mostly do them on the ball now, or do twists or side bends. I asked my dr. whether I should be doing these and he encouraged me to continue. I plan to do them as long as I can...until I get too uncomfortable or it hurts or something. I don't think your muscles separate (diastis) until after labor, and only rarely even then. I had strong abs before getting pregnant so maybe that 's why I've been given the go-ahead to continue strengthening them. Mind you, I'm not obsessed over doing ab-work and don't over-do it!


mommatx - May 3

I'm not sure if its true, but I heard that having abs that are really strong can actually cause more separation, because they arent as willing to stretch. I hope its not true. I teach dance and have pretty strong abdominals. Pregnancy magazine has some abdominal excercises in it that you can do without lying on your back. Lying on your back after the third month cuts off blood flow to the placenta.


foxhoundsrgr8 - May 4

I'm 35.5 wks and I'm still doing abs, both on a machine with weights as well as on the ball! I'm really happy that I'm still able to see them on the sides (the obliques) and I'm pretty sure they won't seperate now or after giving birth..As far as stretching, apparently the stronger they are, the easier they stretch, they will have more elasticity, I guess probably because of the increased blood supply to the area?



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